Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku?

NFL Sunday Ticket is available on Roku.
NFL Sunday Ticket is available on Roku. (Image credit:

When its time to enjoy every game on an NFL Sunday, can football fans rely on the ability to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku devices? The short answer is yes, NFL Sunday Ticket is available on Roku. Though there is a longer answer NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers should know about. 

NFL Sunday Ticket is a go-to service for the passionate football fans who don't want to just watch their local games available on CBS or Fox or the nationally broadcast Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night Football games. They want access to every game live and NFL Sunday Ticket gives that to them, airing all out-of-market games from a single option. 

Roku users wanting to learn more about how they can start watching NFL Sunday Ticket can read on below.

Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku?

Yes, NFL Sunday Ticket is available to watch on Roku. In fact, consumers have the option to sign up for both the standard NFL Sunday Ticket package and NFL Sunday Ticket Max, which gives fans a little extra content.

However, consumers need to have a Roku device that is compatible with NFL Sunday Ticket. Specifically, NFL Sunday Ticket works with Roku devices that are seventh generation and use OS 9.4 or above. If your Roku device is older than that, than you are not able to watch NFL Sunday Ticket.

How to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

Once you know you have a Roku that can handle NFL Sunday Ticket, here's how you start to watch it.

For those of you who have a DIRECTV subscription, the process should be relatively easy. First, you download the NFL Sunday Ticket channel (an app, basically), which is available on your Roku’s Channel Store. (You also can get to it here on the web.) Once you download it, just enter your usual login information for DIRECTV and you should be ready to go. 

Not everyone has a DIRECTV subscription, however — especially those who’ve cut the cord. Instead of paying for an entire subscription, you can sign up for Sunday Ticket by itself. To do so, you must meet certain criteria first. If you’re living in an apartment, townhome or condominium and aren’t already receiving DIRECTV service, you can sign up for the package alone.

There are contingencies in place for certain folks whose home layouts don’t allow for a DIRECTV satellite dish to be installed. This could be due to obstructions that harm signal or similar issues alike. For those folks, you need to check in with the service provider itself, follow this link to ensure that you fit into this group. Regardless, you can figure out your eligibility for certain plans right here

Students can save on NFL Sunday Ticket with deals that make that daunting bill a bit more manageable. Considering most college-aged students aren’t paying for cable, Roku and NFL Sunday Ticket are trying to make your football-viewing experience just a tad bit better.

Not everyone’s experience is going to be the same with NFL Sunday Ticket due to the many specific guidelines in place, but for those of you who rely on Roku for your streaming needs, your needs are likely to be met.

NFL Sunday Ticket coming to YouTube TV

There was some big news on December 22, with the NFL and Google announcing that NFL Sunday Ticket would be available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels starting with the 2023 NFL season.

At this time we don't know what that means for NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku (or any other details for that matter), but as that info becomes available we'll share it here.

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