YouTube TV scores NFL Sunday Ticket for 2023 season

NFL Sunday Ticket is available on Roku.
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After much speculation about who'd get streaming rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, the chips have fallen; from the start of the 2023 season, Google (which owns YouTube) is providing NFL fans with access to all non nationally televised football games.

This means there will be two key ways to watch Sunday matches that are outside your season. The first of these is Google's live TV streaming service YouTube TV — the $64.99-per-month subscription service lets you add additional channels for a slightly increased fee, and NFL Sunday Ticket is going to be one of these.

Neither Google nor the NFL has confirmed a price for this yet. A season-long subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket currently costs at least $293.94. Most premium YouTube TV channels work on a monthly basis, like MLB.TV, which is is $27 per month, and NBA League Pass, which is $40, so we could see a shift in pricing strategy to fit with YouTube's other channels.

The other method of watching NFL Sunday Ticket is via YouTube Primetime Channels. This new feature from YouTube lets you subscribe to certain streaming services, like Primetime, Paramount Plus or AMC Plus, and see their videos sit alongside content from your favorite YouTube channels and suggestions.

Again, no price has been confirmed for the NFL Sunday Ticket Primetime Channel, but if you don't have YouTube TV, this method could very well be the cheaper option for viewing games.

As of the 2022 season, you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket via DirecTV, where it costs $293.94 for a season above DirectTV's monthly fee ($64.99 for your first year, $102 for your second). So it's not exactly cheap compared to some other sports subscription services.

NFL Sunday Ticket is the best way of watching football games on a Sunday, as it lets you watch every match that isn't being shown as your local NFL on Fox or NFL on CBS games. That makes it great for fans who don't live local to their teams or people who want to catch every second of NFL action they can. NFL Sunday Ticket does not cover nationally televised games, so you do not need it for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football or Monday Night Football

If you're considering buying YouTube TV off the back of this news, you won't be making a mistake. It's a little cheaper than rivals like FuboTV and Hulu with live TV, and has a wide selection of fairly affordable add-on channels that let you customize your viewing experience to a handy extent.

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