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Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Amazon Fire TV?

NFL Sunday Ticket on Amazon Fire TV
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Best answer: Yes, you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket on your Amazon Fire TV device. That said, it's not quite that simple.

Lately, people seem to be very interested in switching to Amazon devices. This allows consumers to synchronize their shopping, streaming and various needs through one set of devices and websites. For the die-hard football fan looking to enhance their viewing experience for this long-awaited season, Amazon Fire TV is a great option.

The process is pretty simple at its core. If you have a preexisting NFL Sunday Ticket subscription as part of your cable package or otherwise, you can use your credentials to log into the NFL Sunday Ticket application.

How to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Amazon Fire TV

To download this essential part of your experience, you need to first navigate to the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV device. Then, scroll to the right until you reach the Apps tab. Then navigate to the Sports tab and NFL Sunday Ticket should be an option. Another option is to simply navigate to the search tab on your Amazon Fire TV home screen and type “NFL Sunday Ticket” into your search bar.

Once you’re there, log on with your credentials and you’ll be set to take advantage of the many wonderful viewing options available. That includes the Red Zone function, streaming of four games at once and more! Keep in mind that not every game is going to be available to you. Nationally broadcasted games aren’t available via the NFL Sunday Ticket application. Additionally, you cannot view any game that is being broadcasted in your local network. That’s due to blackout restrictions set in place to promote subscriptions to your local market’s sports network.

Many people don’t have DIRECTV service or the NFL Sunday Ticket package just yet. If you fall into that category, rest assured! There are going to be options for you to take advantage of as well. However, it’s based in many ways on your living situation.

Those who don’t have DIRECTV will need to subscribe to the service individually. There are some restrictions in place that you must navigate beforehand. First off, any student is eligible to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket and stream it from their devices at a reduced price. This is to create a wider range of access for younger fans who cannot afford or subscribe to DIRECTV service in their circumstances.

Anyone living in a “multi-dwelling unit,” as they put it, should be able to subscribe. This includes apartment buildings, condominiums and high-rise buildings where you cannot access satellite television. Lastly, people with obstructions keeping them from having a DIRECTV subscription or satellite dish installed can be made eligible to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket.

In some instances, a DIRECTV subscription will be required to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket, but there are many accommodations being made for cord-cutters who simply want to stream the service via the Amazon Fire TV or other applicable streaming devices. You can check your eligibility by following this link!

NFL Sunday Ticket is a great way to keep up with all of the action from this long-awaited season. For fantasy football fans, NFL Sunday Ticket is amongst the best ways to keep up with every player from all of your leagues. It’s even a wonderful way for the casual fan to get engaged with this year’s action.