Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV?

NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV
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NFL Sunday Ticket has become a fixture for diehard NFL fans who don't just want access to the local games they get on CBS and Fox or that play nationally in primetime like Thursday Night, Sunday Night and Monday Night Football. Sunday Ticket gives them the ability to watch every game played on Sundays by providing out-of-market broadcasts.

For many users, however, the big question is can you get NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV, their device of choice?

Let's discuss what you need to know to start watching NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV.

Can you watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV?

The good news is yes, NFL Sunday Ticket is available through Apple TV. So having the choice of watching any game is right at your fingertips, there's just a few little details you need to be aware of first.

You must have an Apple TV device that is compatible with NFL Sunday. In this instance that is a fourth generation Apple TV device or a fifth generation 4K device. You can double check what generation your device is in the settings.

As long as your Apple TV device meets those requirements, then you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket.

How to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV

For those of you who fall into that category, the process should be a breeze. Simply navigate to the Apple TV App Store, search for NFL Sunday Ticket and install the application. For those of you with pre-existing NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions, you can go ahead and use your credentials to log on and experience all of the action for the NFL’s first Sunday of the season.

If you’re looking to download NFL Sunday Ticket on your Apple TV and sign up for a deal, you may have to meet certain criteria first. Potential subscribers must check their eligibility, as certain access packages are only available to people living in specific circumstances.

For example, college students are eligible to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket at a reduced price and stream it via an Apple TV decide. The same applies to people living in areas that are not serviced by DirecTV or residents living in what’s considered a "multi-dwelling unit." These include apartment buildings, high-rises, condominiums and other applicable living situations.

There are also contingencies in place for those living in homes that have obstructions that limit satellite signal, installation or usage.

If you don’t meet these requirements, you may not be eligible to order this specific NFL Sunday Ticket package. Instead, they may require you to sign up for DIRECTV service to access the NFL’s premier streaming service. Regardless, there are routes to proceed for just about anyone seeking access to this service.

Keep in mind that certain restrictions do apply to NFL Sunday Ticket. One thing to note is that nationally televised games are not be available through the application. There are blackout rules that apply not only to those but to games that are being broadcasted in your local market. So if you’re hoping to use NFL Sunday Ticket to watch your hometown team, you’ll need to find an alternative plan for those games. This experience is best for users outside of the market of their favorite team, for football junkies looking to catch as much action as possible and for the fantasy football fanatics trying to keep up with their players’ performances.

Just like the Apple TV itself, NFL Sunday Ticket serves many functions for every football fan.

NFL Sunday Ticket coming to YouTube TV

There was some big news on December 22, with the NFL and Google announcing that NFL Sunday Ticket would be available on YouTube TV and YouTube Primetime Channels starting with the 2023 NFL season.

At this time we don't know what that means for NFL Sunday Ticket on Apple TV (or any other details for that matter), but as that info becomes available we'll share it here.

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