How to watch Jackass Forever

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The return of the Jackass crew was a welcome one for many fans, as Jackass Forever has been playing well in movie theaters. But soon people will be able to enjoy the classic daredevil antics of Jackass Forever from their own home.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius and more of your favorite Jackass cast members, as well as some brand new ones, have returned for Jackass Forever, once again putting their bodies on the line to make audiences (and themselves) laugh. According to What to Watch’s review of the movie, the schtick hasn’t gotten old yet.

Here’s how you can watch Jackass Forever.

How to watch Jackass Forever

All of the wild and crazy stunts of Jackass Forever can still be seen on the big screen, as the fourth Jackass movie is still playing in select movie theaters.

To find where the movie is playing near you, you can check your local movie theater website or sites like Fandango to find times and purchase tickets ahead of time if you want.

If you’re looking for ways to potentially make a trip to see Jackass Forever or other movies coming out soon more affordable, you may want to look into movie theater subscription deals.

Is Jackass Forever streaming?

Jackass Forever is now available to stream on Paramount Plus.

There are two Paramount  Plus streaming plans, a $4.99 per month ad-supported option and a $9.99 per month ad-free plan, though either one will allow you to watch Jackass Forever as soon as it is available. 

Paramount Plus is still expanding (currently available in the US, Australia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East and Nordics), but is expected to launch in summer 2022 in UK and Europe.

With Jackass Forever on Paramount Plus, all four Jackass movies will be available to watch on the streaming service.

How to watch Jackass Forever online

In addition to the streaming option, Jackass Forever is available to purchase digitally.

The digital offering of Jackass Forever will feature exclusive footage of stunts not shown in the theatrical cut (varies by digital retailer).

On top of Jackass Forever, a four-movie Jackass collection will be available for digital purchase at a special bundle price.

The exact price for digital purchase of Jackass Forever is $19.99.

Jackass Forever on Blu-ray/DVD

Jackass Forever is also getting a physical media release with a Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, April 19.

The DVD release of Jackass Forever will feature 40 minutes of footage not seen in theaters, including:

  • Tarantula Bite
  • Face Your Rear
  • Dark Shark & The Bear
  • Fire in the Hole
  • Broke Zach Mountain
  • Virtual Reality
  • Plug and Arrow
  • The Breakaway
  • Soccer Ball Surprise
  • Poopies Only Wipe Twice
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Wee Man Throws Zach Under the Bus
  • Toiler Geyser
  • Telephone Pole (Susan)
  • Telephone Pole (Millie)
  • Telephone Pole (AD)
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