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Best movie theater subscription deals

Enjoy this picture of the inside of a movie theater. Hopefully it won't become a thing of the past.
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As more and more movie theaters are opening their doors again, and highly anticipated movies like A Quiet Place Part II, In the Heights and F9 are out or upcoming, theaters are acknowledging a shifting landscape and consumer habits and are trying to act accordingly to get patrons back in the door. One such strategy is a number of chains creating their own movie theater subscription deals.

The most infamous movie theater subscription service was probably MoviePass. The service made headlines and garnered thousands of new subscribers when it announced that it would offer unlimited movies for $10 per month. Unsurprisingly, that strategy was unsustainable, and even with attempts to stem the draining of their funds, MoviePass ultimately shut down.

However, others jumped on the movie theater subscription bandwagon, providing patrons with the ability to ultimately save some money on their trips to theaters as well as offer exclusive rewards. Here’s a rundown of the best movie theater subscription deals available right now.

Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass

Alamo Drafthouse movie theater

(Image credit: Alamo Drafthouse)

Alamo Drafthouse theaters are very popular among their customers, and after surviving a bankruptcy scare they are ready to offer their dine-in, upscale experience once again. In addition to the theater’s Victory Rewards Program, based on your number of visits to the theater in a year, Alamo Drafthouse has Season Pass, which can be used to see one movie per day.

Season Pass allows for subscribers to buy one ticket for a regular movie per day. Tickets for a 3D, 70mm, Dolby Atmos or Big Show movie incur a $1.99 surcharge, and any extra tickets bought cost the normal theater price. Tickets bought with Season Pass can be counted toward a Victory Rewards Program.

Prior to the pandemic, Alamo Drafthouse was offering Season Pass for $14.99 per month. When theaters closed, Alamo suspended Season Pass. The theater chain announced that Season Pass will restart sometime in 2021, though previous subscribers will not automatically be renewed.

AMC Stubs A-List 

AMC A-List

(Image credit: AMC Theaters)

The largest theater chain in the U.S., AMC Theaters has gotten into the subscription game with its AMC Stubs A-List, which allows subscribers to see up to three movies a week in any format, including the theater’s IMAX and Dolby Cinema screens.

Outside of the three per week, there are very few restrictions as to how you can use A-List. Watch three in a single day or spread it throughout the week. A subscriber’s available free tickets are refreshed every Friday. A-List subscribers are also automatically signed up for the AMC Stubs Premiere reward package.

There are three subscription plans available based on where you live. The $19.95 per month package covers 35 states; the $21.95 per month plan covers 45 states; and the $23.95 lets subscribers see movies in all 50 states.

Atom Movie Access

Atom Movie Access

(Image credit: Atom Movie)

Atom Tickets has partnered with two theater chains to provide unique subscription services — MegaPass for Megaplex Theaters and Extras Plus for ShowPlace ICON Theaters.

MegaPass gives subscribers two free movie tickets every month, as well as 15% off concession purchases, for $14.95 per month. The tickets can be for any format and can be used for the subscriber and a guest, or for two separate individual tickets. MegaPass also features a PlusOne Perk, offering up to six $1 discounts for tickets per order.

Extras Plus, meanwhile, goes for $9.99 per month and gives users one free ticket every month and 20% off concessions. Outside of the one free movie, Extras Plus provides tickets for $9.99 for the subscriber and a guest per order. Unused free tickets from one month roll over to the next and do not expire for active members. There is a fee to see 3D movies, but the subscription cuts it in half.

Cinemark Movie Club

Cinemark Movie Club

(Image credit: Cinemark)

One of the big three theater chains in the U.S., Cinemark’s subscription package is called Movie Club, which is available for up to $9.99 per month.

As a member of Cinemark’s Movie Club, subscribers get one free ticket per month, 20% off at concession and waived online fees. Any unused ticket credits roll over month to month, while member pricing is applied to any additional tickets purchased.

In addition, subscribers earn one reward point for every dollar spent, which can be redeemed for tickets or other rewards. Additional benefits include member access to screenings and advance tickets, extra Discount Tuesday savings and other exclusive member offers.

Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited

(Image credit: Regal)

Regal is also in on the subscription game with what it has dubbed the Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Pass. Like AMC, it has three price points based on your nearest theater. Regal Unlimited goes for $18 per month and covers 200 of Regal’s theaters. Regal Unlimited Plus runs $21 and is available in 400 of the chain’s theaters. Regal Unlimited All Access, as its name suggests, lets subscribers see a movie at any of Regal’s more than 550 theaters for $23.50 a month.

Subscribers can see as many movies as they want with Regal Unlimited, with no blackout dates. There are surcharges under the plan — a $0.50 convenience fee is charged with each purchase and surcharges can be applied to any non-2D movie. The plan also offers 10% all food and non-alcoholic drink purchases.

Regal Unlimited subscribers also automatically earn points toward Regal’s rewards program for every dollar spent.

Showcase Subscribe

Showcase Subscribe

(Image credit: Showcase Cinemas)

Showcase Cinema frequenters also have the option to sign up for a subscription package. Showcase Subscribe covers all Showcase Cinemas, Showcase Cinema de Lux and Multiplex Cinemas — the Showcase SuperLux theater in Chestnut Hill, Mass., is not a participating theater, FYI.

Showcase Subscribe lets users customize their plans to see up to five movies a month and with up to six people covered under the deal. It also offers two tiers of the plan, 2D only and Premier, which includes 2D, 3D, Showcase XPlus and IMAX.

The ability to customize your plan also means that prices can vary more widely. A single person opting to see one 2D movie a month can subscribe for $9.50. But the more people you add and the more movies the price goes up. If you were to max out what Showcase Subscriber offers (six people and five movies per month), the 2D plan would cost $140.95 per month and Premier would cost $182.95 per month.