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'There are a lot of crazy people out there!' says Ordinary Lies writer on the big fibs people tell

(Image credit: BBC/Red Productions/Ben Blackall)

BBC1’s hit drama Ordinary Lies got TV and radio presenter Graham Norton wondering just how far-fetched some of its stories might be… And he was surprised to find out they’re not at all crazy fiction when he talked to the series’ writer Danny Brocklehurst and one of its stars, Rebecca Callard, on his Radio 2 show.

“In episode one, Jason Manford’s character lied that his wife had died to avoid being sacked,” Danny said.

“And we’ve heard loads of people say they know people who have told lies like that - or told lies like that themselves,” added Rebecca (pictured above as her character, Grace).

“There are a lot of crazy people out there!” Graham declared.

“There are,” Danny agreed. “The amount of people confessing things to me since this series started is quite scary really. The stuff that we’re acting out is the tip of the iceberg.”

“How many lies can there be in one workplace?” Graham asked, referring to the car sales yard that is the centre of the drama.

“They don’t all have to be gigantic lies,” Danny says. “In episodes five and six, particularly, the lie is more subtle. It’s not a ‘lie of the week’ thing. It’s not that kind of show. But we’ve got loads of ideas for a second series, so hopefully there will be one.”

Ordinary Lies continues on BBC1, Tuesday, April 7, 9.00pm.