TV tonight: our highlights for Thursday 30th April

The Real Marigold Hotel
(Image credit: BBC/Twofour)

The Real Marigold Hotel opens its doors to more celebrity guests

The Real Marigold Hotel is back, First Dates Hotel is also open for business and Joe Cole walks a lonely path in crime drama Gangs of London. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss on TV tonight. 

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What's on TV tonight 

Our expert TV journalists have picked the best things on TV tonight... 

Best TV shows on TV tonight

Gangs of London, 9pm, Sky Atlantic/Sky Box Sets/NOW TV

Joe Cole

Sean broods on his troubled childhood

There’s no let-up in the action – or violence – this week. We start with a chilling flashback to the childhood of Sean Wallace (Joe Cole), and his brutal rite of passage by mobster father Finn (Colm Meany). Back in present-day London, there’s fallout from a very unusual drugs heist in Turkey, as a mob boss carries out an interrogation in an abattoir (where else?). And for good measure, gun-toting gangsters storm a traveller camp. Gripping stuff. ★★★★ IM


The Real Marigold Hotel, 9pm, BBC1

Duncan Bannatyne doing yoga

With all those health clubs, Duncan should be good at this

Once again a group of famous senior citizens are heading off to spend time in India, to see if the warm climate and low cost of living present a viable alternative to retirement in the UK. Meeting up at Heathrow for their flight to Chennai are Britt Ekland, 76, Duncan Bannatyne, 70, Dame Zandra Rhodes, 78, John Altman, 67, Susie Blake, 68, Barbara Dickson, 71, Chuckle Brother Paul Elliott, 71, and Henry Blofeld, 79. Landing in India, they’ll travel south to the coastal city of Puducherry, where they’ll all be living together as they get to know the local area. “My motto in life is: it’s going to be fabulous – until it’s not,” says Britt. Whatever your age, you can’t really argue with that. ★★★★ JP


First Dates Hotel, 9pm, C4

Fred Sirieix and the team

Open for business: Fred and the team

Remember when people went on holiday? Obviously filmed before the Coronavirus hit, FDH sees Fred Sirieix and his team welcome a new batch of singletons to their romantic little hideaway in Italy. Clare from Cornwall is looking for a fellow free spirit who likes to dance, but will her date, Dick, be able to step up? Alexandria, 75, is hoping to meet someone with whom she can share her love of travelling, while keen sailor Geoff, 69, is hoping to find someone who can float his boat. Rachael, 28, from Leicester has her first date with Blaine, who manages to tick every box on her wish list. Except… she is also attracted to Georgia, who is on a date with Robbie. Something tells us that this may just get a little complicated. ★★★ JL


Best box set to watch 

Feel Good, one series, All4

TV tonight Feel Good

Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie star

Canadian comic Mae Martin’s semi-autobiographical comedy series deals with serious issues – drug addiction, recovery and a toxic relationship with her mother, played by Friends’ Lisa Kudrow. But at its heart, it’s a love story between Mae and her new girlfriend George (Ghosts’ Charlotte Ritchie), plus it’s wonderfully witty. 



Best film to watch on TV tonight

Lincoln, 9pm, Film4

Abraham Lincoln tries to charm two senators

Abraham Lincoln uses charm to try and get his way

The standard image of Abraham Lincoln is of the high-minded president who freed the slaves and waged a Civil War to do so. This seven-time Oscar-winner reminds us that he was actually a master tactician, not above a bit of horse-trading and pork-barrel politics to get his way. It’s a surprisingly gripping film, thanks to great storytelling by director Steven Spielberg and barnstorming acting by Daniel Day-Lewis (who won his third Oscar as Lincoln), Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones.

If you watch just one thing on TV tonight… 

The Real Marigold Hotel – how much will this batch of celebs love India?

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