'Vigil' fans enthralled by Episode 3 as they 'don't know who to trust'

Vigil Episode 3
Vigil Episode 3 so more dramatic twists! (Image credit: BBC/World Productions Photographer: Mark Mainz)

There’s been plenty of twists and turns in BBC’s new intense drama Vigil, with fans loving the endless plot twists and secrets being uncovered aboard the HMS Vigil. Episode three was jam-packed with more chaos and a huge revelation left fans wondering who to trust amongst the lies and deceit. 

The second episode ended with DCI Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) revealing that Craig Burke (Martin Compston) did not die from a heroin overdose or head injury, but he was in fact poisoned!

In episode three, Amy enlists HMS Vigil’s doctor Lieutenant Tiffany Doherty (Anjli Mohindra) to help find out what substance could have poisoned Craig, but Amy is then shocked to hear from Captain Newsome (Paterson Joseph) that her stay has been extended to three weeks instead of her original three days.

Meanwhile, on-land, Amy’s police partner DS Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) and the police uncover shocking evidence about the Navy and the crew members on Craig’s USB stick, including a racy photo of Lieutenant Doherty in bed with a mysterious man with a dragon tattoo on his arm.

Kirsten sends a message to Amy telling her that Craig’s girlfriend, Jade (Lauren Lyle), has been murdered, along with a coded message about the photos of Lieutenant Doherty, saying: “He’s got my favourite book.”

An intoxicated Gary Walsh (Daniel Portman) pulls a gun on Amy and CPO Elliot Glover (Shaun Evans), accusing Amy of ruining his life, before pulling the gun on himself. Amy manages to talk him out of killing himself, revealing more about her traumatic past, which could be the probable cause of her claustrophobia and depression.

Both Kirsten and Amy begin to unravel a big Navy cover-up as Gary Shaw reveals information to Amy regarding the submarine’s docking in Port Havers, Florida, where a Vigil mechanic, named Ross Harmison, came back to the submarine drunk and made a catastrophic error with the reactor that almost caused a nuclear disaster. It killed two contractors, but the Navy covered it up, saying that they had drowned.

More shocking information was uncovered as Craig claimed to have been spiked when fifteen Vigil crew members had been arrested for being drunk and disorderly and with the possible use of drugs. However, nobody believed him and put it down as an excuse for his drug-taking behaviour. Even though all of the tests for the crew came out negative for drugs, Craig had evidence on the USB that his hair sample was positive for LSD.

It was later revealed that dishonest Lieutenant Doherty had switched the samples to protect her friends and her affair was soon unearthed at the end of the episode when she was having a panicked conversation with Glover.

Fans have been gripped by the fierce drama and they expressed their love for the constant twists and turns of the series on Twitter...

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