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What hardware is used with HDHomeRun?

Best answer: The HDHomeRun by SiliconDust has a few variations but in short, is a physical piece of hardware that you either connect to an OTA antenna or CableCARD to access programming. Pick up the box that best fits your needs, and you'll be able to stream live or recorded TV to your devices.

Let's get into it. What is HDHomeRun?

At its core, HDHomeRun is what I mentioned above; however, the options that they can deliver these features is more expansive. With eight pieces of hardware (seven if we don't count the original CONNECT that is being replaced) in their stable, HDHomeRun can handle most all of your live television streaming needs.

Some things you need to consider when you begin to look at which HDHomeRun device is best for you. How many tuners will I need? The number of tuners helps to determine how many channels you can watch or record simultaneously. HDHomeRun offers devices from 2 to 6 tuners for your streaming needs. Do I plan to DVR my shows? Should you want to record programs, you will need to provide some form of storage.

HDHomeRun does offer the Servio (storage without tuners) and the Scribe Duo/Quatro (storage and tuners) to help out in regards to storage. How will I be watching my shows? All of the HDHomeRun products allow for streaming TV. However, the only option that does additional transcoding for more efficient, and at times, better streaming is the HDHomeRun Extend. Which also offers two TV tuners built-in.

All the hardware available

If you are considering HDHomeRun, there is a lot of hardware available. What you select is based on your personal preference.

Once you have connected you HDHomeRun hardware of choice to your broadcast source and have connected it to your internet, you'll need to download the HDHomeRun app. This is where you'll be able to access the guide and watch your channels. The guide will only show 24hrs out if you opt for the free, non-subscription, option. The free option does get you the ability to pause and rewind TV, closed captioning, access to all available channels in your area.

Getting the most from HDHomeRun

If you want to record your shows for later viewing you will need to pay for their annual subscription. This will set you back $35 per year billed annually. For this option, you get all the free features as well as the ability to schedule and record TV, watch live and record multiple channels at the same time, resume viewing on different devices, with a few other features available. To see the full list of features for both free or paid options go here .

  • HDHomeRun TV App Free: $0 at SiliconDust
  • HDHomeRun TV App: $35 at SiliconDust

Viewing your programs can happen on a variety of devices and platforms such as Windows PC, Xbox One (and above), Android devices (phones, tablets, and TVs), Apple devices (OS, iOS, and TV), Amazon Fire TV, Plex, Kodi, and others. For a full detailed list of available options for viewing check out this link .

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