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Which size HDHomerun Scribe should you buy?


Source: CordCutters (Image credit: CordCutters)

Best answer: Luckily, choosing a storage size is easy — the only option is 1TB. However, there are two options for the number of tuners available.

OTA stored locally

One of the best parts of cutting the cord is being free of contracts and having control over your TV. Possibly the purest version of being a cord cutter is using an antenna to catch free content over the air (OTA). As wonderful as free TV floating in the air is, it's better when you can watch it whenever you want via a DVR. This is where the HDHomeRun Scribe comes into play with its 1TB of storage.

The HDHomeRun Scribe is a great little box that you hook up to your internet and antenna, so you can stream free OTA TV to nearly any internet-connected device you choose. Since there is only one option in terms of how much storage you get with your Scribe — 1TB, or about 150 hours worth of shows — the decision moves to how many tuners?

There are two versions of the HDHomeRun Scribe, the Duo with two tuners and the Quatro with four. Each choice has the standard 1TB of storage and the same connectivity options. The number of tuners dictates how many channels you can record or watch and record at the same time. So with the Duo, you can record two shows at once or watch one and record another at the same time. The Quatro then lets you watch one and record three, or record four at a time.

As you move into the world of cord-cutting and OTA TV watching, the HDHomeRun Scribe will be a great choice to consider. With its built-in 1TB of storage, you'll just need to decide if you will want two or four tuners to fill up your 150 hours worth of watching.

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