What is Interceptor, Netflix’s new No. 1 movie?

Elsa Pataky in Interceptor
Elsa Pataky headlines Netflix's surprise new top movie. (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix’s Top 10 list for May 30-June 5 was unsurprisingly dominated once again by Stranger Things season 4, but over on the movie side a new, under-the-radar movie came out on top — Interceptor. Part of Netflix’s output of at least one new movie a week for the entire year, Interceptor didn’t have a whole lot of fanfare surrounding its debut on the streaming service on June 3, so if you’re wondering what Interceptor is, we’ve got you covered.

Interceptor found itself in the top spot of Netflix’s Top 10 viewing hours for English-language movies by amassing 35.6 million hours between its premiere on June 3 and June 5. For a movie that is one hour and 39 minutes long, that would mean Interceptor was watched by about 22.25 million Netflix users (if we were to assume that everyone finished the movie).

So, what is Interceptor about and who stars in it? Here’s a quick crash course.

What is Interceptor about?

Interceptor is an action movie written by newcomer Matthew Reilly and veteran screenwriter Stuart Beattie (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Collateral), with Reilly also directing. Here is the synopsis of Interceptor, per Netflix:

"The last officer standing on a remote missile defense base wages the battle of her life against terrorists aiming 16 stolen nuclear weapons at the US."

Check out the trailer directly below:

Who stars in Interceptor?

Elsa Pataky stars as Captain J.J. Collins, the "last officer standing." Pataky is no stranger to fans of the action genre. She starred as Elena in the Fast & Furious franchise, as well as appearing in movies like Snakes on a Plane and 12 Strong. She is also the better half to Thor star Chris Hemsworth.

Another recognizable name in Interceptor is Luke Bracey, playing the character of Alexander Kessel. Bracey got his stars in the TV series Home and Away, before starring in movies like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Point Break (2015) and Hacksaw Ridge. He also appears in the upcoming movie Elvis as Jerry Schilling.

Additional cast members include Aaron Glenane (Snowpiercer), Mayen Mehta (Sweet Tooth), Rhys Muldoon (Fighting Season), Belinda Jombwe (The Secret She Keeps), Colin Friels (Pieces of Her) and Zoe Carides (Pieces of Her).

Interceptor reviews — what are the critics saying?

Netflix subscribers have made Interceptor the biggest movie on the streaming service for May 30-June 5, but what did the critics have to say about it?

The general critical consensus on Interceptor appears to be middling. Rotten Tomatoes currently has the movie at a 44% "Rotten" score. Another review aggregate site, Metacritic, is just a little bit better, where the movie scores a 51, which qualifies it as "mixed." Audience reviews on the site aren’t any better — Rotten Tomatoes audience score has Interceptor at a 26%, while Metacritic users score it at a 4.1 out of 10. 

Netflix Top 10 charts, May 30-June 5

Despite the reviews, Interceptor more than doubled the next closest movie on Netflix for the week, as A Perfect Pairing came in second with 14.41 million hours viewed. Some other highlights included The Amazing Spider-Man coming in third, pushing the idea that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is getting some redemption after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The other big news from Netflix’s Top 10 charts for the week was the continued dominance of Stranger Things season 4, which was watched for more than 335 million hours, as the new season looks well on its way to becoming the most-watched English-language show ever (in its first 28 days) on Netflix. The new season has also had a similar impact on Kate Bush and her 80s hit "Running Up that Hill."

Here are the complete charts for Netflix’s Top 10 for May 30-June 5 across TV and movies.

Most-watched English-Language movies

(Image credit: Netflix)

Most-watched English-language TV shows

(Image credit: Netflix)

Most-watched non English-language movies

(Image credit: Netflix)

Most-watched non English-language TV shows

Netflix Top 10 non-English language TV shows

(Image credit: Netflix)
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