What's on TV for Monday, July 20th, 2020

Television Monday
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Welcome back to Monday! No one's particularly thrilled about it, but we're all here anyway, so we might as well do our best to enjoy the ride. You've made it through work, you've got dinner sorted (or maybe you don't, I don't know your life...) and now it's time to decide just what it is you'll be watching this evening. 

On today's menu is a wide range of options. You want immortal action jams? We've got you covered. How about some of that good ol' drama? There's that too. There's also some heartfelt fun and some run of the mill comedy. Kick back, find your fave, and unwind.

'The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever!'

Can you not get enough of ABC's The Bachelor? That's good, because now there's a series solely devoted to the greatest seasons of the saga. All the best dramatic moments, all the embarrassment, and all the face-palm worthy moments have all been rolled into one "best of" series for your viewing pleasure. 

You can watch The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever! at 7:00PM EST on ABC.

'The Office'

Are you missing your office? Did you not get enough work-related drama for one Monday? (Or, do you just need different work-related drama that you can laugh at and commiserate with?) Great news! There's a mini The Office marathon taking place on Comedy Central tonight. 

Watch The Office at 8:00PM EST on Comedy Central. 

'Palm Springs'

Let's do the time loop agaiiiiiiiin! Wait - those aren't the words. At any rate, Mondays often feel like time loops. Either they drag on for way more time than necessary, or they feel like the same dance on a different day. Switch things up by watching a couple experience a legit time loop. This one has dinosaurs, so it's probably going to be more fun than whatever it was that you experienced between 9-5. 

Watch Palm Springs on Hulu

'Sports Center' 

Finding live sports to watch can be a bit of a hassle right now, but that doesn't mean that the world's completely devoid of sports content! Join the Sports Center team as they dive into current sports news, highlights, and the analysis of what there is to currently analyze while most sports remain on hold.  

Watch Sports Center at 9:00PM EST on ESPN.

'My Spy'

This is a fun one to curl up and watch with the kids. Jokes might not have entirely landed for everyone throughout the feature. But if you dug jams like The Pacifier or any other Muscle Guy Deals with Small Child™ kind of fare, you'll probably have a pretty fun time with My Spy

Watch My Spy on Amazon Prime Video. 

'American Greed'

If you think the stories of American greed are so varied that they could fill a whole series - you're right! Tonight's flavor is college admission scandals. This episode of American Greed will focus on college admissions consultant Rick Singer, that whole Lori Laughlin college bait and switch situation, and more. 

Watch American Greed at 8:00PM EST on CNBC. 

'The Old Guard'

By now, you've probably heard a ton about The Old Guard. While it's to be expected while the world's shut down and many big screen calibur pictures are on hold, The Old Guard is getting hype for more reasons than just "it's what's available right now". If you haven't taken the time yet, this action-packed immortal flick is exactly what the doctor ordered to shake off the Monday blues.

Stream The Old Guard on Netflix. 

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