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Which Tablo OTA DVR is right for you?


The Tablo Quad OTA DVR, with 4 tuners. ($219, if not lower, at Amazon)

The Tablo OTA DVR is a surprisingly simple device. It's a TV tuner box with transcoding hardware built in, and software that makes recording OTA content as simple as plugging in a USB hard drive.

But that doesn't meant you don't have a choice to make. There currently are four Tablo devices from which you'll want to choose. Each is a little different, and one we'd go so far as to say is niche.

Let's take a look at them.

Category Dual Lite Dual 64GB 4-Tuner Shield Engine
Price $139 $179 $219 $69
Tuners 2 2 4 2
Storage External 64GB internal External External
Buy at Best Buy Amazon Amazon Amazon