Ghosts season 2 episode 15 review: Thor and Flower give love a chance

It's a Valentine's Day episode on Ghosts.

Devon Chandler Long and Sheila Carrasco smile in Ghosts
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What to Watch Verdict


  • +

    Thor's surprising number of lines and emotional intelligence

  • +

    Jay's romantic four course dinner

  • +

    Sam setting some healthy boundaries


  • -

    Thor’s cuisine (gross)

  • -

    Not enough Sas

  • -

    Nigel needs to step it up if he’s going to live in the house

NOTE: this post contains spoilers for Ghosts season 2 episode 15, "A Date to Remember"

The Valentine’s Day episode of Ghosts season 2 revealed that Flower (Sheila Carrasco) and Thor (Devan Chandler Long) have a lot more depth than they let on, as it was great to see two characters that can come across as one-note sometimes created a real emotional bond. 

Things begin with Thor asking Flower to join him on a real date, with the help of Alberta (Danielle Pinnock), Pete (Richie Moriarty) and Sas (Roman Zaragoza). Alberta and Pete agree to provide entertainment, while Sam (Rose McIver) asks Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) to cook a special meal for the ghosts. They can't eat, but they can smell the food. Thor wants to make the date really special so he requests a four course meal of foods that are significant for him, like ram's testicles. 

Agreeing to help out with the date means that Sam and Jay have to postpone their own Valentine’s Day dinner. But they do it for the ghosts. 

Nigel (John Hartman) has moved into the house now but he's having some trouble settling in. Particularly with Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky), whose close friendship with Isaac (Brandon Scott Jones) seems threatened by having Nigel around all the time. When Nigel tries to invite himself to Hetty and Isaac's routine "ponder," where they stare out the window and think about deep philosophical questions, Hetty is upset.

But what really pushes Hetty over the edge is Nigel giving Hetty a last minute invitation to the welcome tea he's holding for all the ghosts to celebrate his move into the house. When the basement servant ghost tells Hetty that Nigel invited her before Hetty it's the last straw. Upset she talks to Trevor, who suggests she throw a party at the same time as Nigel's tea to get back at him. So Hetty plans a half birthday party for Alberta at the same time as Nigel's tea and convinces all the ghosts to attend her party instead.

John Hartman and Rebecca Wisocky have a stare down in Ghosts

John Hartman and Rebecca Wisocky in Ghosts (Image credit: CBS)

When Flower and Thor are having dinner, Sam is there in case they need anything. Poor Jay, who can't see the ghosts, is basically serving dinner to an empty room. Flower asks about the dishes and Thor tells her his family used to eat testicles before his father would ride off into battle. Until he never returned, then the family never ate them again. She asks him to describe what they taste like, but Thor doesn't remember. Flower suggests Sam taste and describe it to them. Sam is usually ready to take one for the team, but not this time. She lies and tells Jay that women aren't allowed to eat testicles, so Jay needs to eat them, which he does. 

After dinner, Alberta sings for Flower and Thor and then Pete does some improv, which really impresses Thor. Thor walks Flower to her room and they agree the date was very nice. They kiss goodnight, and it seems like there will be a second date.

But the next day Flower seems to have forgotten the date entirely. Thor is confused, so he wants to recreate the entire date to jog Flower's memory. Once again Sam and Jay postpone their own romantic dinner for Thor and Flower. And Jay gets to sample the ram's testicles again, much to his disgust. 

Flower lets it slip she actually does remember the date. She lied because she didn't want the date to go well. She goes back to her room and doesn't want to talk about why, but Sam prods her to explain. Flower says at one point in her life she was in love with just one person, Michael. Flower and Michael were in law school together and deeply in love. They were planning a future together. But Michael got sick and died. Flower said the last date she went on with just one person was with Michael. That's why she has avoided dating just one person. But she thinks that she and Thor could have something real and that's scaring her. Sam tells Flower to tell Thor about Michael.

Flower and Thor have a great talk where they bond over loss and love after loss. They agree they are going to give romance a try. 

When Isaac shows up to Nigel's tea he is the only one there, the other ghosts are at Hetty's party for Alberta. Isaac calls Hetty out for her pettiness and she apologizes to Nigel. Nigel apologizes to Hetty for issuing a late invitation. Isaac thinks his best friend and his partner have buried the hatchet, but when he steps out they start fighting. These two aren't going to be getting along anytime soon.

Even though they don't get the fancy romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant they wanted, Sam and Jay get to share a romantic dinner at home finally. Sam agrees to start setting some boundaries with the ghosts. Thor guards the kitchen to keep the ghosts from bothering Sam while she and Jay get some much-needed time on their own.

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