Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade review — stunningly fun action adventure

Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are on top form.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
(Image: © Paramount)

What to Watch Verdict

The funniest and fastest-paced Indiana Jones movie.


  • +

    — Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are having a blast

  • +

    — Loads of great gags

  • +

    — Fast pace


  • -

    — none we can think of

The constant twinkle in Sean Connery's eye sets the tone of this, the funniest and fastest-paced Indiana Jones movie. As Professor Henry Jones, he's taken prisoner by the Nazis; as his son, Indiana, Harrison Ford gets to meet Hitler, fly a plane from an airship, fight on top of a speeding tank, and even meet an ancient Knight.

The opening sequence, with River Phoenix playing Indy, explains how he got that famous hat, and from then on it's from one rib-tickling crisis to the next with Ford and Connery — with some crucial help from Denholm Elliott and Alison Doody — both looking as though they're enjoying every minute of it.

The movie wonderfully explores the troubled relationship between Jones and erm, Jones. Indiana feels that his dad was never there for him, while Professor Henry Jones believes that he gave his son the perfect childhood. He never told Indiana to wash behind his ears or to do his homework!

There's an especially memorable scene where the elder Jones dispatches an enemy plane with nothing more than his umbrella! Young Jones checks his gun to find it empty of bullets. So senior Jones fires open his umbrella, sending a flock of birds shooting up into the air to bring down the plane. It's hilarious! 

There's another great scene where they discover that as well as a love of archeology they also share the same taste in women!

The pace never lets up and it's just great to see two such brilliant actors enjoying so much screen time together. There are also some moving scenes as Indiana worries about losing dad just as he's finally getting to know him.

The end result is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a movie that sees Indy back on his Raiders of the Lost Ark form after the hugely disappointing second film in the franchise, Temple of Doom. Although Temple of Doom had its moments and was certainly more enjoyable than the fourth film.