'Legends of Tomorrow' 6.02 Review: Meat: The Legends

Legends of Tomorrow "Meat: The Legends" ponders what happens when people eat alien goo.

Jes Macallan and Lisseth Chavez in "Meat: The Legends"
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What to Watch Verdict

"Meat: The Legends" keeps things weird on Legends of Tomorrow, but with a couple of stumbles.


  • +

    💥 Zari and Behrad learn to share.

  • +

    💥 Mothra-like alien!

  • +

    💥 Big Belly Burger is born!


  • -

    💥 The totem splitting is a... choice.

  • -

    💥 Sara being separated from the team is more tedious than anything.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow: "Meat: The Legends"
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Leave it to Legends of Tomorrow to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart with an alien planet, a dog, and a ticked off Sara Lance. While Gary and Sara deal with their little crash landing problem, the Legends do their best to use Spooner to find an alien connection to get them to their leader. Thing is, she's spent so long trying to "turn off" her power that things don't quite work the way she wants them to. Couple that with the fact that she's not really interested in helping Ava and her team and you've got a whole host of struggles for the timeline's favorite misfits.

"Meat: The Legends" pits the Legends of Tomorrow against one of the most nefarious villains in history: the suburban housewife. Thankfully, their problem's solved relatively quickly by the Mothra-like alien. It's a problem solved by a larger problem, but this is Legends of Tomorrow, after all. 

So far as the episode goes, its biggest success is adding some emotional depth to Spooner (Lisseth Chavez). In her first episode, and much of this one, she was very close to "Strong Female Character" territory. Adding the emotional resonance behind her past and her struggles and fears with aliens and the loss of her mother gave her some much needed dimension. 

Sara (Caity Lotz) and Gary's (Adam Tsekhman) unintentional mission to a planet that probably wasn't Mars goes about as well as anything goes for the Legends, but the Amelia Earhart addition was fun enough while it lasted. She turns out to be an alien who leaves Sara with a debilitating gash, but it was a fun little nod and we got to see a good dog during the process of the story. Like Supergirl, this off-world story is largely tedious, but at least it's having a bit more of a party while it deals with the separation. 

In addition to the off-world shenanigans, "Meat: The Legends" teaches Zari (Tala Ashe) and Behrad (Shayan Sobhian) to share! Or, at least it does before the real Zari gets bored and makes two totems so the two will stop "no, you're the best-ing" each other. Legends of Tomorrow benefits from a lot of silliness, but this move is far reach into nonsense. To add insult to injury, we get a few moments with the Zari we lost. When we met the vapid Mia Smoak (Kate McNamara) in her alternate timeline on Arrow, we didn't get stuck with her taking over the lead role in her show, but for some reason we're still focusing on the mogul version of this character. There's value to showing an emotionally empty character make the right choice, but we've done that already. 

Outside of the twinsies learning to play better with one another, the alien shift is starting to feel a little bit more "natural" and there are plenty of moments to remind us why we continue to tune into this spectacularly zany series. 

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