Moon Knight season finale review: two's company, three's a crowd

Moon Knight caps its season 1 with a terrific season finale.

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What to Watch Verdict

Arguably the first MCU show to really conclude on a very strong, non-rushed, non-disappointing level, featuring a lot of fun surprises and answers to burning questions fans have had since the debut.


  • +

    Mystery about the third sarcophagus solved

  • +

    Moon Knight/Mr. Knight tag team

  • +

    Layla being awesome (again)

  • +

    Great action


  • -

    VFX spotty in certain places

NOTE: This review contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 6. Check out our previous review for Moon Knight episode 5 right here.

The end of Moon Knight is here, folks. What a ride it’s been. Last week, this wild journey with Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) revealed the trauma he endured to create Steven Grant and ended with him in the Egyptian afterlife just as Harrow (Ethan Hawke) released Ammit back on Earth. Thankfully, this episode, rises to the occasion for what may be the best season finale of an MCU series yet.  

The action kicks off with the last known events on Earth prior to Marc’s journey into the afterlife. Harrow has shot him and takes the statue of Ammit. Meanwhile, Layla (May Calamawy) stalks and takes out Harrow’s men in the shadows, hoping to strike Harrow when his guard is down. Unfortunately that moment never comes. Instead, Harrow uses the statue of Ammit to upgrade his cane like a D&D weapon and leaves. Layla then mourns over Marc but is able to find the scarab, which she can use to find Harrow.

Harrow uses his new cane and the powers of Ammit to suck out the souls of many Egyptian border guards. Layla tries to kill him, but Taweret (voiced by Antonia Salib) is there to intervene on Marc’s behalf. She tells her to get to the temple of the gods and break the statue to release Khonshu (voiced by F. Murray Abraham) and help Marc.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow holding a staff in Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow (Image credit: Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios)

Harrow’s forces ultimately beat her to the temple of the gods, where the once mighty counsel of gods ends up all getting decimated by their own stupidity and Harrow’s new powers. He then officially destroys Ammit’s statue and releases the crocodile-looking god from her prison. It’s a real treat to see Ammit in the flesh, even if the effects aren’t always the best. Ammit judges Harrow on the spot and agrees to accept him as her avatar.

Thankfully, Layla gets Khonshu’s statue and smashes it. Khonshu is freed, but cannot stop Ammit without help. Khonshu tries to convince Layla to let her be his avatar. While she’s willing to team up with good old "Big Bird" she refuses to give control up to him the way Marc did. So Khonshu tries to take matters into his own hands and fights Ammit.

We then pick up with Marc, who is in literal paradise. His heart is full and he’s meant to be at peace. But he’s saddened by losing Steven and wants to help him rather than abandon him. Taweret reminds him that once he leaves, he’ll no longer be able to return. Marc takes his chances and heads into the Duat to find Steven’s already sandy corpse. 

There’s a genuinely touching moment between Marc and Steven, where Marc thanks him for allowing him to escape the terrible bits of his life. "You are the only real superpower I ever had." It’s wonderful to finally see Marc embracing the "Steven" elements of his life too. Unfortunately, he begins to turn to sand as well. However, like magic, with their hands locked over the heart from the previous episode, Steven actually comes back and so does Marc.

Marc and Steven then head for an open gate as they're chased by a huge tidal wave, making it out and having Marc’s body wakes up. Back on Earth, Khonshu can protect him and allows him to heal and rock the Moon Knight costume to enter the battle. However, given Khonshu cannot be trusted, Steven, as Mr. Knight, steps in as the negotiator he was born to be, telling Khonshu this will be the last job and he’ll have to release them once it’s done. Once Khonshu agrees, Marc flies off.

Back in the temple of the gods, Layla tries to save Osiris’ but can't. Before dying, he tells Layla they needed more avatars to stop Ammit. So Layla surrenders herself to Taweret, turning into a superhero with an awesome costume and metal wings.

As Harrow has full on hypnotized Cairo into doing his judgement day bidding and having Ammit eat people's souls, Marc arrives and a battle ensues at the Great Pyramid. It ends up being a good old fashioned tag team between Khonshu/Marc and Ammit/Harrow. But wait, there’s more. Layla enters the picture, flying in (once again, being a total badass), turning the fight into a three on two.  

The fight scene switches between Mr. Knight and Moon Knight personas as Steven has embraced the part of himself that’s a fighter. Seeing him unleash a brilliantly choreographed sequence is a real treat. Layla gets in on the action, saving a van and confirms with a local that she is "an Egyptian superhero."

However, our heroes appear to be losing the fight. Khonshu is about to be stabbed and killed by Ammit. Marc is about to be stabbed by Harrow and his evil magic cane. Marc blacks out and, to his surprise, wakes up to an unconscious Harrow. Neither he nor Steven did this. So who did?

But there's no time for answers. Marc and Layla need to stop Ammit by binding her to Harrow’s body and killing Harrow. They manage to imprison Ammit into Harrow, but upon hearing that Khonshu wants Marc to finish the job, he refuses and tells Khonshu he’s out and to finish the job himself.

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight (Image credit: Gabor Kotschy/Marvel Studios)

We get one more visit to "Doctor Harrow" as Marc and Steven realize they’re actually at peace with one another and know what’s real and what isn’t. But before he can say "later, gators" to Doctor Harrow, Marc wakes up in the real world chained to their bed, like he was in the first two episodes.

That would be where the whole thing ends, but this being a Marvel story means there’s an extra scene at the end, which is absolutely necessary to tell this story. 

Harrow is in a hospital and gets checked out by an orderly speaking Spanish. We know this character is dangerous, having killed a real orderly. The man stuffs Harrow into a luxury vehicle where Khonshu is waiting for him. Not wanting to take any chances, Khonshu rolls down the partisan to reveal a third personality for Marc Spector: Jake Lockley. Jake shoots and presumably kills Harrow.

This was an amazing journey to walk through. Thank you very much for staying with us on this. Hopefully more Moon Knight will be one the way, somehow. 

All Moon Knight episodes are now available on Disney Plus.

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