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Midwife's Helen: 'I'd go naked for Game for Thrones!'

Helen George has confessed she's so keen to be cast in Game Of Thrones she'd even go naked on it.

The actress plays nurse Trixie in BBC1 period drama Call The Midwife, but said she is always looking for 'variety' in her work and would like to tackle something like the fantasy series next.

She said: "I love my job and I love playing Trixie, I really do, but it would be nice to do something different next. I'd like to do something contemporary, or Game Of Thrones - I'm just going to put that out there, I wouldn't mind getting naked for Game Of Thrones, that's fine."

Helen said she would also like to try doing some stunts for her roles.

"I've got this thing in my head that I really want to learn to kick-box, so it would be good to do something action-based," she said.

She added that she missed out on the action when her character climbed up the side of a ship in Call The Midwife.

Helen explained: "I pushed and pushed to do that myself, but I actually had a stunt double.

"The producers had to say to me, 'You don't realise how dangerous this is going to be'. When we got to the dock where it was being filmed, it was a full-sized warship, it was like 10 double decker buses all stacked up, so I'm quite glad I didn't do it. I had a really good stunt double in a really good wig - it fooled my husband, he didn't realise it wasn't me."

Repeats of Call The Midwife are coming to UKTV's brand new TV channel, Drama, which launches on Monday, July 8 on Freeview channel 20. It can be seen on Wednesdays at 9pm from July 10.