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Welcome back, Rosie Webster: Her Corrie life in pictures

helen flanagan, rosie webster
(Image credit: Mark Bruce)

As Rosie Webster returns to Coronation Street from Miami, we take a trip down memory lane to recall some of her most memorable moments on the cobbles...

Helen Flanagan reappears in Corrie tonight after five-years away from the soap and it's fair to say Weatherfield hasn't been the same without her.

Here's what Helen said about her return to the Street – and here are some of Rosie's most audacious moments...


The early years (2000) It was a typically dramatic entrance into the world for Rosie. Taxi driver Don Brennan drove her mum Sally to hospital when she went into labour alone at home, but Sal ended up giving birth on the back seat in Rosamund Street – hence, she chose the name Rosie for her first born. In the early days, the character was played by child actress Emma Collinge, and Helen (pictured, above) took over the role in 2000.



First love (2005) The discovery that mum Sally had been having an affair with her boss Ian Davenport – the father of one of Rosie’s friends from her posh new school, Oakhill Grammar – led to Rosie going through a rebellious phase and becoming a goth. During this time, she had her first boyfriend in Craig Harris (Richard Fleeshman), to whom she lost her virginity, but the romance ended when she refused to elope with him to Berlin.



Affair with John Stape (2007) Teacher John Stape was like a rabbit caught in the headlights when Rosie fluttered her eyelashes and flashed her cleavage at him when he was teaching her A Level English. Before long, John – who was dating Fiz Brown – began an affair with his sultry student. A suspicious Fiz wrongly believed he was sleeping with Sally, but the truth came to light on Christmas Day when John mixed up her and Fiz’s presents.



Trying to seduce Tony Gordon (2008) Rosie set her sights on Underworld boss Tony Gordon when she worked at the factory as a PA. Slipping him a hotel room key, she waited for him on the bed, clad in racy lingerie. But there was only one woman for Tony – his fiancee, Carla Connor, and he rejected the teenage temptress. Rosie responded by showing him mobile phone footage of Carla with her secret lover, Liam, sending Tony into a rage…



Kidnap ordeal (2008) John Stape was fired from his teaching job when his and Rosie’s affair was exposed, and subsequently got a job at Streetcars. But driving a taxi could never match up to his former career and, blaming Rosie for his misfortune, he kidnapped her and held her hostage at his late grandmother’s house for five weeks. Rosie escaped when Fiz accidentally found her, and John was sent to prison.



Happy with Jason (2010) Builder Jason Grimshaw was Rosie’s last boyfriend on the cobbles. The pair, who were likened by show bosses to Katie Price and Peter Andre – who were then happily married – had a steady relationship until aspiring model Rosie was asked to take part in a reality show in 2012. Reliable Jase just couldn’t compete with the lure of showbiz, and she ditched him like a hot potato and headed off to London.

What – and what – is next for Rosie??