Get up to $35 off a new Amazon Fire TV Cube by trading in your old streaming device

Trade in whatever media streaming player you own and Amazon will give you up to $35 in credit towards a new Fire TV Cube or 4K Fire TV . Amazon only recently announced the Fire TV Cube, and it's currently set to come out on June 21. You can get a huge discount off the price with this trade-in offer and go from an older, streaming device, to one that syncs easily with your smart home and streams in 4K. If you want to get your hands on Amazon's newest device, this is best deal we're going to see on it for quite some time.

So the way this works is you trade in any Roku, Apple or Google streaming device and Amazon will give you up to $2.99 as an Amazon gift card. This works with pretty much any device, whether it's an old Roku streaming stick or Google Chromecast Ultra . Once your trade-in is accepted by Amazon, add a Fire TV Cube or 4K Fire TV to your cart and bonus savings up to $35 will be taken out automatically during checkout. The money you get depends on the condition of the product, but Amazon will tell you the maximum amount you're eligible for on the final screen before you confirm the trade-in. For example, the Roku streaming stick will get you $25 off either the 4K Fire TV or Fire TV Cube, and the Chromecast Ultra can get you $25 off the first but up to $35 off the Cube.

Sending in the device is easy, too. Pick the device you want to trade in from Amazon's list , answer a question about the condition of the device, and then print the shipping label Amazon creates for you. You have seven days from when you submit the trade-in to mail it to Amazon.

The Fire TV Cube is a big deal. Essentially, imagine the way you use an Echo Dot now to control all the wirelessly connected appliances around your home. Then imagine that control plugged into your TV so you can control everything plugged in there with your voice as well. That's what you get with this new device. It's a way to turn on the TV, play your favorite DVD, adjust the volume on your home audio system, dim the lights, and get your microwave to cook some popcorn all without moving from the best spot on the couch.

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