Martin Clunes: 'Doc Martin is the last good job in television!'

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Doc Martin star Martin Clunes talks to TV Times magazine about Louisa and Martin finally getting married, and his worries about viewers turning off the hit ITV series when it returns on Monday...

How does it feel now that Doc Martin and Louisa have finally reached this moment?

"We knew that from the word go, people latched onto the romantic intent with these two, so every time we sit down to think of a new series and where things will go, that’s the thing that gets put in place first – how are Martin and Louisa going to get through the next series? And then the rest just bolts on. It seems to be the central thing that people tune in for."

These two have been off and on since the very first series! Are you worried about what fans will think now that they're actually getting married?

"Viewers might just switch off! 'We don’t need to watch any more!' I don’t know – we’ve never gone in for happy resolutions. It’s always dysfunctional. But it is an unusual first episode, because it’s the wedding and honeymoon and it’s just the two of us. I think people will like it."

We hear the wedding pretty much goes to plan… What happens next?

"We try and disappear from our own wedding reception because the villagers have all just come for the free cider!"

What else happens for Doc Martin this series, aside from the marriage?

"His blood phobia returns, and his mum comes back. That’s worse than any phobia!"

After six series, is the show becoming harder to write?

"It’s always been tough – it’s never been easy. The main protagonist doesn’t like anyone, and no one likes him. So where do you go?"

Can you see there being a seventh series?

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, those are quite big 'ifs', and these are uncertain times. But we’ve done it before, and this is the last good job in television!"