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Downton returns and the Abbey burns, Thomas is a hero - and Baxter’s secret is revealed

(Image credit: Nick Briggs)

So, now we know the secret that under-butler Thomas (Rob James-Collier (opens in new tab)) was using to blackmail lady's maid Baxter into spying for him.

Baxter (Raquel Cassidy (opens in new tab)) confessed to Lady Grantham (Elizabeth McGovern (opens in new tab)) that she had stolen from her previous employer and was jailed for three years.

But just when it looks like tricky Thomas might be put in his place, he makes a hero of himself by saving Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael (opens in new tab)) from certain death…

As she lays in bed, weeping for her missing lover, Michael Gregson, she fails to notice the burning embers that have fallen out of the fire onto the floor in her room.

Thomas sees the smoke, raises the alarm and gets Lady Edith out of danger. The men run for buckets of sand and Lord Grantham runs to get people out of their beds - and catches the footman James (Ed Speleers (opens in new tab)) in bed with frisky Lady Anstruther (Anna Chancellor (opens in new tab)), a guest at the Abbey. Ooops.

The fire damage is contained to Lady Edith's bedroom and can be repaired - but the damage to James' future at Downton Abbey is irreparable. He has to find a new job, says Lord Grantham.

Downton Abbey (opens in new tab) continues on ITV on Sunday, September 28, 9.00pm.