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Tell Me How I Die | A half-baked horror thriller that's all too easy to predict

Tell Me How I Die

Tell Me How I Die Nathan Kress

Knowing your fate is a real killer

Half-baked horror thriller Tell Me How I Die dispatches a stereotypical bunch of college-age hotties and hunks to a remote scientific facility for the trial of a revolutionary new memory drug. But there’s a blizzard raging outside and a shadowy killer inside. And the drug’s alarming side effects give one of the guinea pigs terrifying visions of their own future murders.

Tell Me How I Die Ryan Higa

(Image credit: Geoff Weiss)

‘This place is nothing but hallways,’ says one of the potential victims, and you don’t to have taken the drug to predict that he and his peers will spend most of the time boringly running up and down them as they try to evade their fate. YouTube star Ryan Higa plays the film's comic relief, but fans of his NigaHiga channel will find him far funnier there.

Certificate 15. Runtime 107 mins. Director DJ Viola

Tell Me How I Die debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Tuesday 2 May.