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Danny Dyer: My EastEnders entrance is 'flawless, but not what you expect'

EastEnders newcomer Danny Dyer has promised that his entrance to the BBC soap will be flawless.

The actor, who usually plays the tough guy, will first be seen in the series at Christmas when his character, Mick, takes over as landlord of The Queen Vic.

Danny told BBC Radio 1: "I can't ask for anything more. If I come in, I want to come in. It's flawless, but it's not going to be what you expect."

He also revealed that he had taken a while to think about whether soap life was definitely for him.

The Human Traffic actor said: "I thought long and hard about it and it's just come at the right time in my career. I've always respected soap actors because it's a tough gig and I've learnt that.

"On a film, a good 12-hour day, you do nine pages - that's a day. You're doing 25 pages before lunch on EastEnders."

Meanwhile, Scott Maslen, who played Jack Branning on EastEnders before he left in October, said the soap will challenge Danny.

"Danny Dyer is a legend. He will go there, give a bit of banter and he will embrace it, but it'll be a challenge for him. I think he is a good fit for the character and he would do really well in it," he said.