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Crime of its time

(Image credit: BBC/Neal Street Productions/Lawr)

As Poplar is gripped by a mysterious outbreak of dysentery, first-time mother Marie Amos's life is turned upside down when her husband Tony (pictured) is arrested for gross indecency with another male. Patsy rallies to support the young couple, as Tony faces a criminal hearing.

Meanwhile, Nurse Crane meets Dolores McEvoy, a pregnant Irish woman with two young children who, on examination, is found to be covered in flea bites and clearly malnourished. Further confusion sets in when a home visit reveals that Dolores has given a false address and seems to have disappeared.

Elsewhere, Trixie is delighted when Tom asks her to oversee the Rose Queen Celebrations, her first official church duty since their engagement. At Nonnatus House Fred’s attempts to bring a rat infestation under control are deliberately undermined by Sister Monica Joan.