Dunkirk: The Forgotten Heroes - C4

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The untold story of what happened after the Dunkirk evacuation, told by the men who were there and using recently declassified secret documents

The evacuation of Allied troops at Dunkirk during World War Two is regarded as one of the greatest moments in British history.

Yet the soldiers of the 51st Highland Division weren’t even aware of it, as they had been posted to France’s Maginot Line, a wall of concrete fortifications miles away from Dunkirk.


The Commonwealth War Graves, St Valery-en-Caux in France

They then moved to the coastal town of St Valery, but were woefully underarmed and outmanoeuvred by Rommel’s men.

Fog stopped the Navy’s flotilla rescuing them, and they finally surrendered on 12 June 1940.

These forgotten heroes tell their heartbreaking stories of the hellish conditions.

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