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EastEnders spoilers: Martin Fowler and wife Stacey move back in together

It looks like Martin and Stacey's marriage is officially back on when the couple decide to move back in together. But not everybody is happy about the news.

Considering their marriage was on the rocks last year, Martin Fowler and Stacey have barely been able to keep their hands off each other lately. So to make things official, Stacey wants Martin to move back into the Slater house with her.

However, when Martin breaks the news to his ex-wife Sonia and their daughter Bex, the pair are both disappointed since they'd be enjoying having their own Fowler family reunited while Martin has been living with them. Still dealing with the death of boyfriend Shakhil, grieving Bex has some harsh words for Martin when she discovers her dad has been sneaking around with Stacey. Will Bex's reaction effect Martin and Stacey's big plans?

Kat's back, which means more bickering at the Slater house than usual. She's not happy when she finds out cousin Hayley was planning to sell Kat's late dad Charlie's taxi for £10,000. So Kat gathers Hayley, Mo, Jean and Stacey in the living room for a family vote on whether they want to keep Charlie's beloved taxi or not.

Elsewhere in Albert Square, Mick is feeling uncomfortable about what's been going on with his buddy Halfway and his brother Stuart. How long will it be before Mick's wife Linda finds out what the men have been up to?


Things are totally awkward between friends Bernadette and Tiffany after their kiss in the club. Bernadette's feelings are in a right muddle and she decides to stay out of Tiff's way.

Meanwhile, Ian and Masood's new restaurant partnership risks being a disaster as the pair continue to bicker about what's best for their new business. Uh-oh. *Double episode*

EastEnders continues this Monday at 9:10pm and Friday at 8:00pm/9:00pm on BBC 1. Times vary because of World Cup coverage.