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Lachlan shoots Lawrence in Emmerdale!

Lawrence White, Lachlan White
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

There's a shooting at Home Farm when Lachlan turns a gun on his grandfather

*Hour-long episode*

It’s Lachlan’s birthday but he’s so angry, having been humiliated by his granddad in front of Gabby, he leaves the house before even opening his presents. In the meantime, Chrissie finds out Andy’s been carrying on with Bernice when she spots them kissing in a photograph Holly has taken. Later, Lawrence is horrified to find his grandson waiting for him with a loaded shotgun in his hands. But as Lawrence tries to take the weapon from Lachlan, it goes off! Chrissie hears the shot and rushes in to find her dad bleeding on the floor and her son with a gun in his hands.

Andy’s waiting for Chrissie to turn up for their date when he sees an ambulance heading for Home Farm. When he arrives, Lawrence is being treated by paramedics. Andy offers support, unaware Chrissie knows about him and Bernice.

Marlon’s forced into going to a self-defence class with Carly. Later, he learns it would have been Carly’s son’s birthday. Acting on the spark that’s growing between them, Carly leans in to kiss Marlon.


John Bowe, Samantha Giles

Emmerdale's John Bowe and Sam Giles chat Bernice and Lawrence's marriage woes

Lawrence is shot by grandson LachIan in Emmerdale!