Best French shows on Netflix

The main stars of Mortel looking down at the camera.
Mortel is just one of the great French shows you can find on Netflix. (Image credit: Lou Faulon/Netflix)

Netflix is full of amazing shows, but there's so much in the streamer's library that sometimes it can be tricky to track down what you're looking for.

In addition to all the great movies and shows you can stream on the platform, Netflix is also home to a great selection of international TV. And if you're trying to find the best French TV shows on Netflix, look no further. 

We've compiled some of the best French series available on Netflix. From hilarious comedies to thrilling sci-fi shows and nail-biting thrillers, there's definitely something to suit all kinds of tastes.

The best French shows on Netflix: our picks

Call My Agent

  • Original Title: Dix pour cent
  • Number of seasons: 4
  • Approximate episodes per season: 6
  • Average episode length: 52 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

The Call My Agent cast assembled together on set

(Image credit: Christophe Brachet/Netflix)

Call My Agent follows the ups and downs of a top Paris talent agency. After an unexpected crisis shakes up their workplace, the agents of ASK scramble to keep their star clients happy, and their business afloat.

Featuring several notable French and international stars—from Juliette Binoche and Jean Dujardin to Sigourney Weaver— Call My Agents balances drama and comedy to tell the stories that happen behind the scenes of French showbiz. 


  • Number of seasons: 3
  • Approximate episodes per season: 5 (Parts 1&2) / 10 (Part 3) 
  • Average episode length: 45 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Omar Sy as Assane on the phone in Lupin part 3

(Image credit: Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix)

Created by George Kay and François Uzan, Lupin tells the story of gentleman thief Assane Diop who, inspired by the adventures of literary figure Arsène Lupin, sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family.

Omar Sy's charisma gives all its strength to this entertaining heist series that mixes mystery, suspense and humor to always keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Black Spot

  • Original title: Zone Blanche
  • Number of seasons: 2
  • Approximate episodes per season: 8
  • Average episode length: 55 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Netflix key art for Black Spot showing the main characters facing away looking into a forest

(Image credit: Netflix)

In the small border town of Villefranche, lost in the heart of a large forest, the crime rate is six times higher than the national average. Each new crime Major Laurène Weiss solves with the help of her unusual team makes her sink deeper and deeper into the secrets of the area.

Chilling and hypnotic, this French-Belgian crime series flirts with the horror and supernatural genres and sees a police chief and an eccentric prosecutor investigate some particularly grisly cases.


Luisa from Mortel standing in a lake

(Image credit: Lou Falon/Netflix)

After making a deal with a supernatural figure, two high schoolers seemingly incompatible, Victor and Sofiane, emerge with extraordinary powers. With the help of Luisa, they decide to join forces to solve the murder of Sofiane's brother.

This supernatural teen drama stands out thanks to the solid performances of its young cast and an interesting approach to the themes of love and friendship. The voodoo aspect of the story gives it an original take on the supernatural genre for a French series, and a compelling soundtrack completes an overall well-made show.

Class Act

  • Original title: Tapie
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Approximate episodes per season: 7
  • Average episode length: 54 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Bernard Tapie (Laurent Lafitte) steps off a plane in Class Act

(Image credit: Marie Genin/Netflix)

A relentlessly ambitious working-class man becomes one of France's most controversial public figures in this fictionalized biopic about Bernard Tapie.

Laurent Lafitte is mesmerizing in this seven-part series that does not try to sugar-coat the ups and downs of the life of Bernard Tapie, but instead brushes the portrait of a man who had a relentless thirst for success and often put it before the greater good. 

Reign Supreme

  • Original title: Le Monde de Demain 
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Approximate episodes per season: 6
  • Average episode length: 50 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Rappers in the recording booth in Reign Supreme

(Image credit: Netflix)

Playing the part of the rapper who would one day be known as Joey Starr, Melvin Boomer dazzles in this series that chronicles the beginning of French hip-hop in the 1980s.

Reign Supreme follows two teenage friends, Didier and Bruno and charts their rise after forming the French rap group, NTM and sees them journey from the projects to the largest venues in Paris. Full of music, the series also tells the story of the ascension of dancer and graffiti artist Lady V and DJ Dee Nasty. 


  • Original title: En place 
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Approximate episodes per season: 6
  • Average episode length: 30 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Two characters walk down the street in Represent

(Image credit: Gaël Turpo/Netflix)

A youth center leader from the suburbs of Paris becomes a candidate in the presidential election in this caustic comedy that tries to answer the question: is France truly ready for a Black president? 

Starring comedian Jean-Pascal Zadi, who co-created the show with François Uzan, Represent is a convincing and hilarious follow-up to his movie Simply Black (also available on Netflix). 

Black Butterflies

  • Original title: Les papillons noirs 
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Approximate episodes per season: 6
  • Average episode length: 54 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Niels Arestrup in Black Butterflies

(Image credit: Netflix)

César winner Niels Arestrup stars in this show as Albert Desiderio, a humble retired man, who decides to hire a novelist (Nicolas Duvauchelle from Lost Bullet) to write his memoirs. However, the tale of the amazing love story he shared with Solange during the 1970s quickly turns out to be the confession of a serial killer couple.

Featuring excellent acting and amazing cinematography, Black Butterflies is an unsettling psychological thriller, with a dark yet fascinating dual storyline that keeps viewers captivated from beginning to end. 

Family Business

The Family Business cast

(Image credit: Netflix)

Starring popular comedian Jonathan Cohen (Sentinelle), this comedy series follows Joseph, a failed entrepreneur who decides, after learning that cannabis will soon be legalized in France, to transform his father's kosher butcher shop into the first marijuana coffee shop in the country.

Things never go according to plan in this wildly entertaining series created and directed by Igor Gotesman (the director behind CASH, also on Netflix). Supported by a stellar cast, Jonathan Cohen delivers a hilarious performance and consolidates his status as one of the funniest French actors of his generation. 

The 7 Lives of Lea

  • Original title: Les 7 vies de Léa 
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Approximate episodes per season: 7
  • Average episode length: 45 minutes
  • Find it on Netflix here

Key art for the 7 Lives of Lea

(Image credit: Netflix)

In this mystery series with a hint of science-fiction, a teenage girl finds a young man's remains. Following this event, she wakes up in the 1990s and body swaps seven times as she tries to solve the mystery of his death— and prevent it.

Each episode of this captivating supernatural series follows Lea as she inhabits the body of a different person, including her own mother, in order to untangle the story behind Ismaël's death. Led by strong performances, this binge-worthy series is based on the novel Les 7 vies de Léo Belami, by Nataël Trapp. 

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