Callie Haverda's age and everything you need to know about That '90s Show star

Callie Haverda
Callie Haverda leads That '90s Show. (Image credit: Getty Images)

Callie Haverda has joined the new Netflix series That '90s Show, the anticipated sequel to the hit sitcom That '70s Show which has welcomed some new stars to play the next generation of characters.

In the series, American actress Callie Haverda is taking on the role of Leia Forman, the daughter of original characters Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon), and she's already become a favorite among fans.

Leia is a smart, snarky teenager who craves adventure, making her the perfect addition to the sitcom. But how old is the star, and what else has she been in? Here's everything you need to know.

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Callie Haverda's age

Callie Haverda was born on February 21, 2007, and she is 15 years old. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces and she was raised in Austin, Texas.

Who does Callie Haverda play in That '90s Show?

Callie Haverda in That '90s Show

Callie Haverda in That '90s Show. (Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Callie Haverda plays the daughter of original cast members Topher Grace and Laura Prepon, who played the roles of Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti in That '70s Show

In an interview with Coming Soon, Callie was asked if the original cast were supportive and she replied: "Yeah, they have and we’re super, super thankful for that. I mean, having them there and actually in the flesh working on it and being able to talk to them about what they thought about the show was just … it was a really great experience. 

"They’re so supportive and, like I said, we’re just so thankful for it. Having them back solidified like, 'Oh, this is really what we’re doing.' I think a lot of people in situations like that can feel imposter syndrome, like 'I shouldn’t be here. This is their thing.' But they really were just … I think they were almost like really thankful for us to be there and we were thankful for them. So it was just a really nice dynamic working together and creating this beautiful thing, bringing new and old back together."

What else has Callie Haverda been in?

Callie's first credited acting role is in the 2010 short movie Paper Memories, where she played Young Mary. Since then she has gone on to play Olive in the TV series See Plum Run and Abby Moran in The Lost Husband.

That '90s Show could be considered her biggest role yet, so hopefully we'll be seeing more from her in the future!

That '90s Show is streaming exclusively on Netflix. The original series That '70s Show can be bought on Prime Video.

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