Gok Wan on his new ITV show 'Bling': 'Jewellery is powerful!'

Gok Wan hosts new ITV show Bling
Gok Wan hosts new ITV show 'Bling'. (Image credit: ITV)

It's safe to say Gok Wan LOVES jewellery. In his brand new ITV daytime series, Bling, This Morning's resident fashion stylist throws open the doors to his very own Bling boutique, a one-stop-shop dedicated to buying and selling to making and fixing eye-catching rings, broaches, watches, and more - think TV's The Repair Shop, with added sparkle! 

The show's got heart too, as Gok hears the poignant stories behind these much-loved trinkets. Here Gok, 47, reveals more… 

How would you describe 'Bling'?

"Bling is an hour full of the most wonderful pieces of jewellery but, more importantly, the most wonderful human stories, and that's what drew me to the show. If I had to compare it to other TV shows, there’s a little bit of The Repair Shop, Money for Nothing and Long Lost Family in there, and even a bit of How To Look Good Naked, with the sense of community it has. Everyone knows I'm obsessed with learning about people and telling their stories."

You’re also obsessed with jewellery…

"Yes! I've always really loved jewellery. Most of the jewellery we own is full of sentiment and love and some pieces are full of sadness; wearing the necklace of someone you’ve lost can give you the warmth you feel from holding that person close to your heart. Jewellery is really powerful for those reasons, plus it can totally boost an outfit. Jewellery definitely makes me feel more confident. The moment I put my earrings in, I feel dressed."

Gok Wan hosts new ITV show Bling

Gok has always loved the sparkly stuff: 'Jewellery makes me feel more confident,' he says. (Image credit: ITV)

How much did you love having your own Bling boutique?

"The store looks beautiful, it even has the word BLING in lights on the front door! We have four distinct counters inside the Bling store: a Buy counter, a Sell counter, a Fix counter and a Make counter. And we’ve got a bevvy of brilliant experts who are not just some of the best craftspeople in the country, for what they do, but they're also dynamic, interesting, sensitive and funny. I’m there as Mama Bear. I’m the least important person on this show - but I'm okay with that because it’s MY store!"

Can you tell us about some of the people who come into the Bling store?

"One lady brought in a gorgeous pocket watch she had inherited from her late grandfather. She knew very little about it and didn't even know it chimed and she got a surprise when it chimed on camera for the first time; it wasn’t just the chime of a pocket watch, it was the heartbeat of her grandfather, who she misses dearly. That was a really emotional moment. Another guy wanted to sell a piece of jewellery because he’d promised to take his daughter to Disneyland. Every single story featured will really tug on your heartstrings."

John Freeze values items on the Sell counter

Expert Mr Freeze values precious family heirlooms at the 'Bling' store's Sell counter. (Image credit: ITV)

Did you come away with any gorgeous jewellery of your own?

"I was interested in quite a few pieces in the Bling store and I actually had a ring made that represents my family; my brother, my mum, my dad, and me. I wear the ring every single day now and it's become one of my most treasured pieces. It reminds me of my family and of making this wonderful show."

Bling starts Monday October 11, showing weekdays at 2pm on ITV.

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