Has Emilia Fox left Silent Witness?

Has Emilia Fox left Silent Witness? Silent Witness — Dr Nikki Alexander (EMILIA FOX)
Emilia Fox in Silent Witness as Dr Nikki Alexander. (Image credit: BBC)

Silent Witness star Emilia Fox has not left the hit BBC drama as Dr Nikki Alexander.

The hugely popular star is very much still part of the series and continues to play forensic pathologist Nikki.

Here are some more key questions answered as we enjoy Silent Witness season 25.

Does Nikki Alexander get married in Silent Witness?

Silent Witness, Emilia Fox

Might Nikki have finally found love with Jack? (Image credit: BBC)

No, Nikki Alexander has not got married in Silent Witness. Indeed, Nikki has a fairly disastrous track record with men! Fans are now hoping she will at last find love with her colleague, Jack Hodgson (David Caves). But, well, we wouldn’t bet on it! 

Previously there was a will they/won’t they relationship with Harry Cunningham (played by Tom Ward). But ultimately the pair never got together.

Things also didn’t work out between Nikki and US ambassador Matt Garcia. Plus Nikki once even managed to date a serial killer. Everyone makes romantic mistakes but that was a biggie!!

Did Nikki and Jack kiss?

Oh yes! Nikki and Jack kissed at the end of Silent Witness season 24. On that kiss, Emilia says: "The kiss begged the question of why these two people who have worked together for so long and love each other and are single were not already having a relationship. It threw up many questions. 

"How do friends transition to a relationship? Does that relationship dominate everything? How does it work alongside the job? What happens if it goes wrong? What happens if they are in conflict? The lovely thing is that the audience have wanted Jack and Nikki to be together. It's great that they have invested so much in that relationship.” 

Whatever happens, we always have that kiss!

Does Jack love Nikki?

Jack does appear to love Nikki. We’re hoping for more on this relationship in the latest series of Silent Witness

How long was Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness?

Nikki Alexander has been a part of Silent Witness for nearly 20 years and is still very much part of the show. Emilia Fox has now played the character in over 170 episodes. Emilia made her debut as Nikki in a 2004 episode called "Nowhere Fast". 

Is Tom Ward coming back to Silent Witness for the 25th anniversary series?

There's been no hint that Tom Ward will reprise his role as Harry Cunningham. The character is still alive, so there's no reason why Tom couldn't come back at some stage. Tom spent a decade on the show, appearing in 96 episodes as Harry. 

Is Sam Ryan back in Silent Witness?

Yes, Amanda Burton is in Silent Witness again as Sam Ryan. Amanda has reprised her role as Sam for the show's 25th-anniversary series 17 years after she left the show. 

When it was announced, Amanda said: "I am so excited to be returning to Silent Witness and stepping back into Sam Ryan’s shoes — with a difference!

"Audiences can look forward to plenty of twists and turns as they discover what Sam’s been doing since leaving the Lyell."

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