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Silent Witness season 25: next episode date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know

Silent Witness season 25 Amanda Burton as Prof. Sam Ryan
Silent Witness season 25 sees Amanda Burton back as Prof. Sam Ryan. (Image credit: BBC/David Emery)

Silent Witness season 25 will see the hugely popular crime series celebrate its 25th anniversary.

And to mark the occasion Amanda Burton, who first appeared in the lead role of pathologist Sam Ryan in 1996, is making a surprise return.

Amanda appeared as Sam in 54 episodes before leaving the show in 2004.

Talking about her return, Amanda said: "I am so excited to be returning to Silent Witness and stepping back into Sam Ryan’s shoes — with a difference! Audiences can look forward to plenty of twists and turns as they discover what Sam’s been doing since leaving the Lyell."

Emilia Fox, who’s returning as Dr Nikki Alexander, added: "It is such a delight and thrill to be working with Amanda. To have Sam Ryan back again at the heart of the show is the greatest way of all to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Silent Witness."

Here’s everything we know about the new series including what's next for Nikki and Jack…

Silent Witness season 25 release date

Silent Witness season 25 continues on Monday, May 30 at 9 pm. You can catch up on past series as well as this season on BBC iPlayer. We're yet to find out a US date.

Silent Witness season 25 poster

Silent Witness is back! (Image credit: BBC)

Who's in the cast?

As well as Emilia Fox and Amanda Burton, David Caves returns as Jack Hodgson. Plus Genesis Lynea is back as Simone Tyler. 

Emilia Fox has said she still adored being part of the show: "I love it as much as ever. From day one, I've always said I'll stay as long as I enjoy it, and I still really enjoy it. The audience and I have been through a lot together.

" I never take for granted the privilege of being part of Silent Witness. Now that I'm also an executive producer, I really value it as part of my personal life as much as my professional life. It's had a huge impact on me."

Meanwhile, Genesis Lynea has teased what her big storyline for the new series will be. She said: "Simone's back story comes back and bites her on the nose. Does she ignore it and shove it under the carpet, or face it even though it really hurts? I'm glad she goes towards the pain. She is replaying incidents from her past which explains who she is today. It's heavy, but it's great that we can do that on Silent Witness."

David Caves has also revealed which episode stood out to him from this series. He said: "There is a great episode set in Belfast. Jack's brother is a loose cannon and he's gone AWOL again. We explore the story of Jack's niece in Belfast. 

"It's tricky to talk about without spoiling it, but needless to say, family secrets come out of the closet. The family stuff has been fantastic to play. That's the real heart of the character – without that, it could be rather dry and procedural."

What's the plot?

TV tonight Jack and Nikki on the sofa.

Are Nikki and Jack going to become a proper couple? (Image credit: BBC)

Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how Amanda Burton’s return as Sam is fitted in. But, many fans will be even keener to watch how things develop between Nikki and Jack. They finally shared a kiss in the final episode of the latest series. But does this mean they will become a couple? We know Nikki has a terrible love life track record, but maybe her luck is finally about to turn?! Or not?!!

Speaking about Nikki and Jack's budding romance, Emilia recently said: "The kiss begged the question of why these two people who have worked together for so long and love each other and are single were not already having a relationship...

"The lovely thing is that the audience have wanted Jack and Nikki to be together. It's great that they have invested so much in that relationship. We wanted to play Jack and Nikki adapting to the transition and going through ups and downs. That's something the audience will enjoy without putting a label on it. Do they maintain their romance? You'll have to wait and see."

What happens in Silent Witness season 25 episode one?

In the first episode of Silent Witness season 25 we saw the Lyell team joining Sam Ryan, although Nikki found herself unsure if she could trust her. The team are figuring out what had happened to the Health Secretary after they were assassinated following the launch of Sam's company.

Meanwhile, Jack and Nikki grow closer after spending the evening in a hotel bar drinking together, before eventually going back to Nikki's hotel room. But Jack keeps complaining about these headaches, which has left fans concerned.

What happens in Silent Witness season 25 episode two?

In the second episode, the team start to make progress with the Health Secretary case as some DNA evidence is found on the bullet casing, and it turns out Nikki has a surprising connection to the suspect.

We learn that the man in question is Tom Faulkner, who is Nikki's ex-husband and the father of their stillborn child, something that Nikki had kept a secret and opened up to about Jack. The loss of their child resulted in their marriage breaking down, and Nikki is willing to give him a chance to prove their innocence.

Meanwhile, Nikki's still suspicious about Sam's involvement in the case, and the audience sees the episode end on a cliffhanger when Sam stole one of the blood samples that Nikki had collected from the assassin's hotel room, before making a call asking to meet with someone on the other end of the phone. But who?!

How many episodes is Silent Witness season 25?

Six episodes, so less than the usual 10.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! A brand new, full-length trailer has landed for the 25th-anniversary series and it's very exciting! 

Not only is Amanda Burton well and truly back as Sam Ryan but the romance between Nikki and Jack is already packed full of drama — have they hit the rocks already?

Plus there is the usual edge-of-your-seat plot twists that we have come to know and love from the series... 

Before the main trailer was launched we were treated to a short clip that sees Nikki answering a phone call from... wait for it... Sam Ryan! Yes, Amanda Burton truly is back!

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