New blood! Jason Wong on joining the cast of 'Silent Witness'

Jason Wong and Emilia Fox
Jason Wong and Emilia Fox as Adam and Nikki (Image credit: BBC)

After holding the fort for the first case in the new run of long-running BBC crime drama Silent Witness, regulars Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) get some much-needed help as keen new pathologist Adam (Jason Wong) joins the team.

We caught up with Jason to find out how the new recruit has been fitting in at the Lyell Centre...

Was it daunting joining such a long-established team on Silent Witness

Jason Wong: “I guess we can all relate to when we first go into a new job or a new school, but it was really nice and I knew Emilia from working with her on a previous job. It's hard sometimes when you join a show that's been established for so long, but everyone was super-welcoming.”

What impression does Adam make on Nikki and Jack? 

JW: “Because of his over-eagerness, wanting to please and to do well, he does rub them up the wrong way!”

TV tonight Adam, Nikki and Jack face a difficult case

Jason Wong, Emilia Fox and David Caves as Adam, Nikki and Jack (Image credit: BBC)

What impression does Adam make on Nikki and Jack in Silent Witness Season 24

JW: “Because of his over-eagerness, wanting to please and to do well, I do rub them up the wrong way!”

Is it true you and David Caves had a bit of a bromance? 

JW: “Yes, and everyone called us 'David Jason!' During our tea breaks we’d talk about films we loved, everything from The Godfather to Top Gun. Connecting off camera is important. David and Emilia took time to get to know me, and we can hopefully convey that as a team on camera.”

What was it like learning sign language for your first episode?

JW: “I wanted to make sure it was authentic so people with hearing impairments could watch it and go: Yes, that's correct!"

How did you cope with the complex medical language? 

JW: “The hardest phrase was ‘laparoscopic insufflation’.  I still can't say it properly! I was definitely sweating under that suit...”

Why do you think Silent Witness is still so popular? 

JW: “There's been a huge resurgence in true crime for a different generation. During lockdown, people have definitely been going back and watching the past episodes of Silent Witness because it’s come back into fashion, the whole true crime genre.”

The current series of Silent Witness airs on BBC1 at 9pm on Mondays and Tuesday. 

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