Rebus episode 3 recap: Michael goes full Al Capone

Brian Ferguson as Michael and Richard Rankin as John Rebus
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Rebus episode 3 sees the detective piece together what his brother Michael has done...

The episode opens with Rebus in hospital with Kai, who lost a finger. "I got your finger out of the fridge, they said they might be able to attach it," says Rebus, while licking his fingers of some food. Kai is reluctant to talk but does reveal what the man said who robbed him of the cash. "There's no gangsters in Edinburgh, only people who think they are." Rebus's mind starts to whirl as he hears the words he spoke to Michael repeated back to him. But how is that possible?

Rebus goes to visit Michael. But he's out with Andy, the homeless man he's "helping". Back in central Edinburgh, Michael is with Andy. They're spying on Christie's operation.

Rebus heads over to Siobhan's place. Meanwhile, Christie goes to a lockup full of weapons and is confronted by Michael carrying a gun. Michael seems to have gone very quickly from delivering packages to Al Capone! Michael hands the gun to Andy. Christie starts jabbering that he had nothing to do with the attack on Jagger. "I know where you can lay your hands on a serious amount of gear!" begs Christie, as Michael points a gun at him.

Siobhan is hungover. Rebus says he has to be careful with his drinking these days. After revealing he hates all culture, Rebus quips that he does like tea and Siobhan can get him one to call it quits for the lift to work. 

Rebus fills Gill in with the latest developments on the case. Michael hooks up with some old army pals at a garage. Turns out he has Christie stashed away in his car boot. 

Rebus talks to Shaun, the man with the tattoo on his neck, at the gym, who denies the Jagger attack and being at the flat where the boy lost his finger. Rebus tries to call Michael but only gets his answer phone.

Shaun in Rebus

Shaun isn't best pleased to see Rebus (Image credit: BBC)

Christie reveals to Michael's gang he knows where Ger Cafferty gets a delivery each week of drugs. Christie proposes they steal the drugs and they can split the profits. Shaun searches for his boss at the lock-up and finds the place disturbed.

Rhona visits Chrissie for a cup of tea and a catch-up. She tells Chrissie her pregnancy news. But things quickly sour when Rhona offers to help out. Chrissie rejects her charity and throws her out.

Rebus goes to visit the boy who slashed Jagger to death to get a description of the man who robbed him. He tells Rebus the man was calm. He repeats the words Michael spoke to him. It confirms to Rebus that Michael was the man who robbed them!

Gill blasts Rebus for not following the correct procedure. Not really Rebus's strong point! Rebus rings Michael again and leaves a message warning him he knows what he did. We see Malcolm, the creepy man from police corruption, looking in Rebus's direction. Malcolm goes to visit Siobhan in the office, who looks seriously awkward, and they agree to a meal.  Rebus isn't impressed. Gill reveals to Rebus that dodgy cop George investigated the death of Christie's dad, who worked for Cafferty. 

Rebus visits George, who's drinking heavily and won't talk. Siobhan heads for a posh lunch with Malcolm. Siobhan drops Rebus in it by revealing to Malcolm her boss has met up with Cafferty. Rebus and Maggie talk. Rebus warns her Cafferty knows about them. 

Michael's gang goes to rob Cafferty's place of its drugs. They're interrupted by a rival gang member, who Michael shoots dead. 

George reveals that Christie's dad didn't kill himself. He was Cafferty's accountant and told George where some of Cafferty's money was stashed. George helped himself and when Cafferty found out, he had Christie's dad killed. George reveals Jimmy McJagger was the killer. "Cafferty had me after that," admits George. Rebus points out that Cafferty waited until George was nearly retired and of no use to him, before ramming him off the road. 

Michael finally listens to Rebus's message that he knows what he did. Chrissie says she will help Michael, with whatever he's doing, if he’s honest. Rebus goes to visit Cafferty and tells him he knows about Christie's dad and why Christie wants revenge. He says he will sort Christie out, bringing down his operation, but warns Cafferty to leave George and Maggie alone. But Cafferty says Rebus is too late... 

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