The Chi season 5: who is Fatima?

Fatima talking to Victor in The Chi season 5
L'lerrét Jazelle and Luke James, The Chi season 5 (Image credit: Showtime)

In a now-veteran series like The Chi, where there are many different plots being carried by an ensemble cast, it can be hard for new characters to be introduced to the fold and significantly impact the series. Even more so, it can be challenging for newcomers to find a place among the fandom of the show. However, it seems that Fatima (L'lerrét Jazelle) in The Chi season 5 is managing to leave quite the impression on the landscape of the series and on viewers. 

Part of the buzz surrounding Fatima pertains to the character’s mystique. It seems fans aren’t sure whether to trust her claims of wanting to do what’s best for the neighborhood. Furthermore, they are still trying to decipher her intentions with Victor "Trig" Taylor (Luke James). To be fair, the audience is also attempting to figure out his intentions with her.

So just who are Fatima and her portrayer L'lerrét Jazelle? Well, here’s what we know. 

Who is Fatima on The Chi season 5?  

L'lerrét Jazelle as Fatima in The Chi season 5

L'lerrét Jazelle as Fatima in The Chi season 5 (Image credit: Showtime)

Showtime describes the character Fatima as "a local journalist who wants the best for her neighborhood and isn’t afraid to hold politicians' feet to the fire to get the truth." This in itself is a red flag for viewers. 

They know Trig is currently in midst of trying to make a political run and given Fatima isn’t afraid to "hold politicians' feet to the fire," they fear she will get close to him only to use him for a headline. Trig is a popular character, so it seems the audience has grown quite protective of him. 

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However, we are under the impression Trig knows there’s a risk in dating a journalist as a politician, but he feels connected to Fatima. For the time being, viewers should perhaps be more willing to do the same as she hasn’t provided any real warning signs that she’s on a mission to take Trig down.

Now with that said, Fatima has addressed her concerns with Trig about his dance into politics. She first approached him to gauge whether he had an issue with her being a transwoman. He pretty much told her he likes women, she’s a woman, so he didn’t see the problem. While she seemed receptive to the answer, Fatima also made it clear that she doesn’t mind keeping their entanglement private, but she in no way intends to be someone’s secret. As the season continued though, she began to feel like his secret. 

By the season's close,  Trig was left feeling as if he had to choose between his career and Fatima, he eventually chose Fatima, announcing during a political event that he loves her. That seemingly was enough to solidify their relationship with the aspiring politician, so she may be around come season 6 of the series. As an added bonus for Trig, it doesn't appear that the announcement has adversely impacted his campaign. 

(On a side note, Lena Waithe and show producers continue to deserve credit for their inclusivity of storylines and cast.) 

Who is L'lerrét Jazelle? 

L'lerrét Jazelle now lives in Los Angeles, but went to college in New Orleans, Louisiana. During her time in New Orleans, she became well known for her commitment to social justice and advocacy, especially on behalf of transwomen of color. 

As a matter of fact, in 2014 she was featured in Laverne Cox’s documentary Laverne Cox Presents: 'The T Word.' We’ve taken the liberty to provide you with the link, fast-forwarding to Jazelle’s section, so you can hear in her own words about her unfortunate brushes with injustice as a transwoman and her desire to effect change. 

In terms of her acting career, Fatima is not Jazelle’s first acting role. In the actress’ young career, she has previously portrayed Sharon Cunningham in NCIS: Los Angeles, Young Antonia in 9-1-1 and Cynthia in 4400.  

The Chi fans react to Fatima 

As alluded to before, The Chi season 5, viewers are a bit skeptical of the newcomer Fatima. In fact, many just don't seem to trust her. However, there are a handful of people that seem to adore the love story between Fatima and Victor. Check out what they’re saying.  

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The Chi season 5 episodes air on Sundays at 9 pm ET/PT on Showtime. New episodes become available two days prior on the Showtime On Demand service.  

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