The Chi fans rally behind a jilted Christian after season 5 premiere

Freedom Martin as Christian on The Chi
Freedom Martin as Christian on The Chi (Image credit: Showtime)

The Chi is officially back in action and fans on social media certainly have plenty to say about it. (Consider this your complimentary SPOILER ALERT.)

One of the biggest talking points surrounding the season 5 premiere was the not so triumphant return of Quentin (Steven Williams). Many longtime fans of the series assumed the Chicago kingpin was somehow killed at the end of season 1 due to his line of work, the guns he stole and the growing list of enemies he amassed. So when he popped up in the final moments of the latest episode alongside Tracy (Tai Davis), viewers were left stunned. 

Even with Quentin’s surprising return to The Chi canvas, fans were arguably more shocked by the fact that Kiesha (Birgundi Baker) dumped Christian (Freedom Martin). The audience had grown to love the two together, if for nothing else their blossoming romance seemed to be a bright spot for Kiesha after her abduction and assault. 

Additionally, Christian was incredibly patient and sweet to Kiesha. He didn’t rush her into a relationship, understood her bouts with panic attacks and seemed to genuinely care for her child. By the end of season 4 when the young adults made things official and decided to be exclusive, fans coming into this new season were excited to see where their love journey would take them. 

Apparently their journey was not meant to take them anywhere as Kiesha opted to pull the plug on their relationship. Fans are not happy with her decision and many of them are questioning how she could break up with such a good guy. When people think of "Prince Charming," Christian was pretty much it. 

Not only did Kiesha break up with him, but she also dumped him using a voice text message. While she expressed gratitude for him being there for her, we can’t help but point out that ending a relationship over text is not the kindest thing in the world. Even those that subscribe to Generation Z will tell you that at least a phone call is required to break things off with a person. 

Proving that he is indeed a class act, Christian replied to the message by taking the high road. He didn’t try to be shady or petty, but he simply wished her the best and expressed being happy that she was doing what was best for her. Perhaps sometimes nice guys really do finish last. 

Fans rally behind Christian after Kiesha dumps him  

Check out for yourself what fans are saying about the surprising breakup.  

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