The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 4 — Halloween isn't sweet for everyone

Arienne Mandi, Paula Andrea Placido and Rosanny Zayas in The L Word: Generation Q
Arienne Mandi, Paula Andrea Placido and Rosanny Zayas in The L Word: Generation Q (Image credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME)

NOTE: this article contains spoilers for The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 4 "Last to Know."

It's Halloween and there are some dark moments and some sweet moments, including some long-awaited accountability on The L Word: Generation Q.

When the episode opens, Sophie (Rosanny Zayas) and Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) are getting coffee when Dani (Arienne Mandi) meets up with them. She tells them her "fun" friend Roxy (Paula Andrea Placido) is coming into town to take her out to party for Halloween. Dani ends up almost hooking up with Roxy, but she isn't fully over Gigi (Sepideh Moafi) yet. Roxy lets Dani know that when she's ready to date again, Roxy will be waiting for her.

Alice and Taylor

Alice's (Leisha Hailey) date with Taylor (Joey Lauren Adams) turned into a three day date that included them watching scary movies together on Halloween. Even though they obviously have chemistry, Taylor is holding back, which confuses Alice. While watching scary movies, Taylor finally tells Alice her contacts are bothering, having not taken them out in days.

They still seem awkward around each other until they hear a noise outside and think someone is trying to break in. Taylor bravely opens the door to confront the threat, which is really just a Halloween decoration. Their brief scare breaks the tension and they are able to finally clear the air.

Taylor was intimidated by Alice, who is still trying to be impressive. But when Taylor says she wants more realness, Alice was more authentic. She got "real" with Taylor, including wearing PJs, showing off the retainer she needs to wear at night and admitting to other "embarrassing" but relatable habits. 

Now that they’re truly comfortable with each other, these two could have a real connection. But it still seems like Taylor is more put off by Alice's fame than accepting it, so she may not be the right person for Alice.

Tensions between Tess and Shane get worse 

Meanwhile, Tess (Jamie Clayton) and Shane (Kate Moenig) are still out of sync, with Shane walking on eggshells. Tess is snippy at home, especially after Shane helps Tess' mom dress up as Dolly Parton for Halloween. Tess won't commit to Shane's dinner plans and seems generally irritated by her presence. Shane is clearly upset and frustrated by the situation.

Later that night, Shane and Finley are behind the bar when Tess calls Shane to tell her the home health aide sent to help her mom was not the usual person, but a man named Victor. Tess is uncomfortable leaving her mom in a man’s care and tells Shane she isn't going to leave her mom. Shane, upset at the change in plans, hooks up with Ivy (Kehlani). 

Finley, who had previously defended Shane with cheating accusations, sees Shane and Ivy. Later, she confronts Shane and calls her out for her, telling Shane that she's a disappointment. That hits Shane hard, but not as hard a chance meeting later on in the night.

Maybe baby, maybe not

Jillian Mercado and Leo Sheng in The L Word: Generation Q

Jillian Mercado and Leo Sheng in The L Word: Generation Q (Image credit: Nicole Wilder/SHOWTIME)

Maribel (Jillian Mercado) and Micah (Leo Sheng) attend a Halloween party given by someone Maribel works with who has four kids with her FTM trans partner. Micah has a laundry list parenting questions so he’s excited to meet these two and pick their brains. Maribel seems excited at first, but once they get to the party she's definitely put off. At first Micah was the one who didn’t want to have a baby, but now that he's fully on board it seems like Maribel may not be ready for the realities of parenthood. She leaves early because she is tired, but Micah stays to hang out with the couple. 

Angie and the professor

Angie (Jordan Hull) continues to date Samuel, her creative writing professor. Even though she tries to keep their relationship low-key, her roommate sees them at a haunted house on campus and Angie tells her about their relationship.

A blast from the past

Maribel's coworker's partner turns out to be Max (Daniel Sea), from the original L Word series. Max is a FTM trans character who was treated pretty badly in the original series. His storyline was not handled well and widely considered marginalizing. But here, Max and Micah really hit it off and eventually get a drink and talk more about parenting.

Shane, on her way to go talk to Ivy after they hooked up, runs into Max at the bar. They share a hug and catch up for a minute. But more importantly Shane apologizes to Max for how they all treated Max previously. Max, still being Max, tells Shane it was long ago and they were all different people then.

That troubles Shane because she really isn't any different. Like so many other times before she's cheating on her partner because things are getting tough instead of communicating and dealing with issues. Seeing Max again and hearing Finley call her a disappointment hit Shane hard.

When she meets up with Ivy again, she tells Ivy she can't keep doing what they're doing. Shane really wants to try and be a better person. Ivy and Shane agree they were what each other needed in that moment and they end things on a good note.

But Shane turns around to find Tess standing there, having seen the entire interaction. Accountability is good, but this time it might be too late for Shane to save her relationship with Tess. Tess throws a drink in Shane’s face and leaves. Shane and Tess live together and they have businesses together, so the fallout of Shane’s betrayal could end up costing her a lot both emotionally and financially.

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