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'The Pursuit of Love' recap 1.03 — romance, war and THAT tragic ending

Linda and Fanny in The Pursuit of Love episode 3
The Pursuit of Love saw Linda and Fanny inseparable until the end. (Image credit: BBC)

The final episode of The Pursuit of Love has aired, and what a rollercoaster of an episode it was. As World War II dawned, Linda and Fanny found themselves in different countries and leading very different lives. But as always with these friends for life, they were soon drawn back to one another and remained close until the very end. 

WARNING: spoilers ahead for all three episodes of The Pursuit of Love

Here are all our favourite bits of The Pursuit of Love episode 3... 

THAT heartbreaking ending 

Anyone who hasn't read Nancy Mitford's classic story about Linda and Fanny will have been totally unaware that the main character was going to meet a tragic end. But somehow, despite it being sad that Linda didn't get to grow old (un) gracefully, there is something fitting about her dying young and happily in love with the handsome and mysterious Fabrice De Sauveterre. Like Fanny's mother, 'The Bolter' said at the end of the episode: "lives of women like Linda and me aren't so much fun when we begin to get older". 

We also can't help loving the fact that Fanny is the one bringing up Linda's son, and the fact he is called Fabrice. Sadly poor little Fabrice has been left without parents after his father also met an untimely end, having been killed while serving in the war and becoming a French war hero. 

There is no one better in the world to raise little Fabrice than Fanny, and with so many brothers and sisters around him, he is sure to have a great future. 

The Pursuit of Love episode 3

Lord Merlin was the star of the show from start to finish.  (Image credit: BBC)

Lord Merlin... still the star of the show

While Linda and Fanny were clearly the central characters for The Pursuit of Love, we can't help think that the brilliantly charismatic Lord Merlin was the star of the show. Andrew Scott was captivating as the Radlett's next door neighbour, bringing every scene he was in to life. 

The moment when he and Davey found out that Linda was the mistress of the renowned Fabrice De Sauveterre was just brilliant, the two characters work perfectly together and their amusement was infectious. We're calling for a Lord Merlin spin off drama - we need to see more of his white horses and rainbow coloured pigeons! 

Linda and Fabrice in The Pursuit of Love episode 3

Linda died happy after finding love with Fabrice. (Image credit: BBC)

Linda's devotion to finding true love 

While The Pursuit of Love is about Linda's desire to find true love, the core of this entire drama has got to be friendship. There was something so perfect about the love Linda and Fanny had for one another, and it seems that while Linda was always on a quest to find the perfect man, she already had a life full of love while Fanny was by her side. Even a World War couldn't keep the pair apart, and they were together right until the very end. 

All episodes of The Pursuit of Love are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer

The Pursuit of Love will also be showing on Amazon Prime Video in the US.

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