Wednesday ending explained: What was the monster?

Wednesday ending explained: Wednesday Addams running riot at a new school.
Wednesday became obsessed with a murder case, but what really happened? (Image credit: Netflix)

Wednesday is the latest Addams Family spin-off, focusing on the infamous daughter of the macabre family as she joins a new boarding school.

However, Nevermore Academy is not your normal place of education, as Morticia and Gomez make the decision to send their daughter there after a series of expulsions from "normie" schools around the city.

Nevermore is filled with outcast students including werewolves, vampires and sirens, all of which are considered to be "weird", so surely Wednesday would fit in right? Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple!

Soon after she arrives at Nevermore, Wednesday Addams finds herself compelled by a twisted murder mystery, where a creature has been killing people in the woods nearby, and she takes it upon herself to get to the bottom of it.

But it's no easy task and with plenty of obstacles in the way, Wednesday builds to a thrilling conclusion that reveals the truth about the monster and ties up the loose ends that have teased us throughout the eight-part series.

So what happened in the new Netflix series? Read on to find out everything about the Wednesday ending.

Wednesday ending explained: What was the monster?

The Hyde in its monster form

Hydes are a very interesting monster. (Image credit: Netflix)

In the penultimate episode of Wednesday, Uncle Fester shows up and helps shed some light on the monster Wednesday has been tracking. It turns out it's a Hyde, a dangerous creature that's fast and has big claws, and is willing to take down anyone or anything in its way.

Like the Jekyll and Hyde story, the Hyde creature has a human form as well as a monstrous one, meaning it's easy for it to disguise itself in plain sight. However, there are some complexities around Hydes and their identity.

Wednesday discovers that Hydes are monsters that are born, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the person will ever transform into one, and they have to be unlocked first, usually by some sort of traumatic event.

Hydes aren't in control of their monstrous acts either, as they have a master who helps them develop and is also able to take control, using the Hyde for its bidding. Sadly, this often means the human version doesn't even know they've killed anyone, as they're completely under someone else's spell.

This explains the erratic behavior and why it was difficult for Wednesday to reveal its true identity because to find a Hyde you often have to track down the master first.

Who was the Hyde's true identity?

Tyler and Wednesday at the coffee shop

Wednesday and Tyler first met at the local coffee shop. (Image credit: Netflix)

In a heartbreaking twist, it was revealed that Tyler, a wholesome coffee shop worker, and son of the local Sheriff was the Hyde. No one suspected him and he seemed to have a crush on Wednesday, making the reveal absolutely devastating.

Throughout the series we watched as the two grew closer, which of course didn't come naturally to Wednesday, who was trying to repress her feelings and focus on the matter at hand. But she eventually gave into them and kissed Tyler at the coffee shop, which unfortunately triggered one of her visions.

In it, she saw the Hyde transform back into a bloodied Tyler, after it had brutally killed Wednesday's therapist Dr. Kinbott, and she immediately fled from the scene now she finally had her answer.

Tyler covered in blood

Tyler as seen in Wednesday's vision. (Image credit: Netflix)

It was revealed that Tyler's mother had been a Hyde and had attended Nevermore as a student, so he had inherited the ability from her. Tyler's father knew about this but kept it hidden, as he loved her and just wanted his family to be "normal". Tyler's mother later passed away, a memory that has clearly haunted him.

Unfortunately for Tyler, the trauma of losing his mother was exactly what was needed to unlock the Hyde, and someone preyed on it. He's now learned to love the kill and has been completely manipulated by someone.

Here comes another twist, as we reveal who was behind this all along.

Who was the Hyde's master?

Mrs Thornhill aka Laurel in Wednesday

It's always the ones you least suspect... (Image credit: Netflix)

Mrs. Thornhill, a "normie" dorm mom at Nevermore might not look like your typical villain, but that's the whole point and she's been hiding in plain sight this whole time, plotting a scheme to take down outsiders.

Her true identity is the lost daughter Laurel, and she's confronted by Wednesday who finally figured out the truth about her. She's joined by Tyler, and Laurel reveals the whole truth to Wednesday, including about being Tyler's master.

She tries to take control of Tyler but can't, and at first, it seems like his love for Wednesday is too strong, but he shifts back into the form of Principal Weems, who had helped Wednesday trick a confession out of Laurel.

However, before Weems can do anything, Laurel kills her and knocks Wednesday unconscious, taking her to the crypt of Joseph Crackstone, where she's able to finally enact her twisted plan.

Using Goodie Addams' book of shadows and the jarred pieces of Tyler's victims, she uses magic to resurrect him and he and Laurel make their way to Nevermore to re-start his life work of eradicating outcasts from the world, something Laurel is completely fuelled by.

What happens to Tyler, Laurel and Crackstone?

Crackstone bursting into flames

Crackstone is defeated once again. (Image credit: Netflix)

The only thing left is to save Nevermore and the outcasts, resulting in one final showdown. Tyler tracks down Wednesday and transforms into the Hyde of his own accord, but before he can strike, she's saved by an unexpected ally.

Wednesday's roommate Enid has finally gained the ability to "wolf out", after struggling throughout the series, and fights Tyler in her new form. Tyler's father finds him too and, knowing he's dangerous, shoots him and knocks him unconscious so Enid can escape too.

Enid transforms into a wolf

Enid finally "wolfs out" and goes to help her friend. (Image credit: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Crackstone has reigned terror on Nevermore and is planning to kill all the students there, due to the fact he hates outcasts. After a fight, Crackstone nearly kills Wednesday after shattering her sword, but Bianca offers a distraction by stabbing Crackstone in the back.

This gives Wednesday an opening and she plunges the shattered sword into his newly-resurrected black heart. Crackstone dissolves in a blaze of fire, and it's over for him.

Meanwhile, Laurel is terrorized by Eugene's bee colony, after he releases them to protect Wednesday from being shot by her. Wednesday knocks her unconscious, but we're not sure where she's gone after that point.

Tyler and Laurel could still pose a threat if the former escapes custody like the ending shot teased, so the story isn't quite over yet and even Wednesday herself ends the episode with a narration saying "I know the suspense is killing you".

Could we be getting a Wednesday season 2? We'll have to wait and see!

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