What are Sirens in Wednesday?

Sirens Wednesday: a group of Siren students
Sirens are one of the main species at Nevermore. (Image credit: Netflix)

Wednesday features Sirens as part of the Nevermore line-up, with the mythological creatures forming one of the main cliques on campus. But unlike their vampire and werewolf counterparts, they're not often explored as much.

In episode one, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) is given a tour of the campus by her new roommate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers), where she clocks that a group of students must be Sirens based on their clique name.

Sirens have roots in Greek mythology and have since gone on to be interpreted in a number of ways, most recently as part of Wednesday's group of student outcasts. But what are they, exactly?

Here's everything you need to know about Sirens in Netflix's Wednesday.

What are Sirens in Wednesday? 

Close up of a siren hand in water

Sirens have an affinity for water and their scales are one of their most defining features. (Image credit: Netflix)

In Tim Burton's Wednesday, Sirens are a group of students who belong to a social clique called "Scales", due to the fact they're drawn to the water and their skin changes when they come into contact with it.

Sirens have been adapted in many different ways throughout the years, but they're best known for their captivating song, which is said to have manipulative effects on those who hear it. In the series, it's less about singing and more about the fine art of persuasion, but they're still talented musicians to represent this myth.

As a result, Siren students at Nevermore take part in music clubs as an extracurricular activity, due to the fact that most have a natural musical gift and they're the perfect fit for choirs and bands.

Many people are distrusting of Sirens especially when it comes to their persuasive nature, and the series reveals that they can use their gift to worm their way into situations and use others for their personal gain, so other species and "normies" are wary of getting too close to one.

In the series, Sirens can choose wear small trinkets, which diminish the power of suggestion on other people, although some people are unsure about how effective they are.

Historically, the Sirens of Greek mythology date back to Homer's Odyssey, and they have been said to lure sailors to their deaths due to their song, so it makes perfect sense why others don't trust them so easily as they've developed quite the bad reputation!

What are the physical characteristics of Sirens?

A siren under the water with webbed hands

Sirens bodies change when they're in the water. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sirens are best defined by their piercing blue eyes, making them easy to spot even when they're on land. Unlike some of the other species at Nevermore, they're able to survive both in the water and on land, with their bodies adapting depending on where they are.

In episode 2 of Wednesday, when the students race their boats in the battle for the Poe Cup, we get a look at how Sirens bodies change when underwater. Obviously, they're able to breathe for far longer than other species, and their hands transform into webbed ones making movement easier.

A siren's tail in the water

A Siren's tail as observed through Wednesday's telescope. (Image credit: Netflix)

In addition to this, they develop mermaid-like tails to help them swim at fast speeds, which is probably the most common feature associated with Sirens. But don't mistake them for Ariel from The Little Mermaid — they're far more dangerous!

We mostly see Nevermore's Sirens on land though, as the Poe Cup and water-based sports is the only real time they're able to let their true selves come out, giving them a potentially unfair advantage over other students.

However, they have their vulnerabilities, as it seems that Sirens' powers weaken with age. We meet Bianca's mom during Parents' Weekend at Nevermore, who refers to the fact her gift has been "slipping".

Which characters are Sirens?

Bianca in Wednesday

"Queen Bee" Bianca is one of the most popular Sirens at Nevermore. (Image credit: Netflix)

Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday) is the first Siren we meet, as Enid points her out as being the "Queen Bee" at Nevermore, although there are rumors that her crown is starting to slip.

It was revealed that Bianca actually charmed her way into Nevermore after her ability was a success on Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie), a secret that she doesn't want to become public knowledge. 

Other Siren characters include Kent and Divina, both of whom are members of the Nightshade's secret society, so the Sirens have a significant amount of status on Nevermore's campus.

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