Wednesday star Jenna Ortega reveals all on working with Christina Ricci

Wednesday Adams (Jenna Ortega) in a hoodie and striped polo top
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams. (Image credit: Netflix)

Wednesday lead actress Jenna Ortega has shared how she felt working alongside Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in Barry Sonnenfeld's 1991 Addams Family movie.

Speaking to Digital Spy ahead of Wednesday's release on Netflix (November 23), Jenna Ortega admitted that it took her a little while to 'loosen up' when Ricci showed up to film her scenes as Miss Marilyn Thornhill for the new show.

Ortega explained: "[Our Wednesdays] are very different. Which is interesting. Because I feel like a lot of the humor and a lot of the lines are similar. We pull inspiration from the ‘90s films. But she’s a really wonderful, gifted actress. And obviously, it’s weird when I’ve grown up my entire life viewing her as Wednesday. So it’s a bit disorienting. I think it took me a couple of days to kind of loosen up and warm up around her.

"But they're very different people", Ortega added. "I hope that there's not too much comparison going on because it's not necessary. I think that the show is a fun 'get lost in [it]' show. And it's a completely different world. There are superheroes, and now she's an investigator and she's older. They're two completely different people."

Netflix's new Wednesday series finds the Addams Family fave studying at Nevermore Academy in Jericho, where she's made both friends and some enemies. Along with navigating her new relationships and mastering her growing psychic powers, tackle a monstrous killing spree that's terrorizing the town all whilst trying to get to the bottom of the supernatural mystery her parents were wrapped up in 25 years ago.

Aside from Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is likely best known for her role in You's second season opposite Penn Badgley. Meanwhile, Christina Ricci features in the new show as Marilyn Thornhill, Wednesday's "dorm mom" and Nevermore's first and only teacher not to possess any supernatural powers.  

The Addams Family spin-off also features Luis Guzmán (Traffic) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) who are on board as Wednesday's parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams.

Isaac Ordonez (A Wrinkle in Time) plays Wednesday's brother, Pugsley, Gwendoline Christie (The Sandman) stars as Nevermore's Principal, Larissa Weems, and Victor Dorobantu is playing Wednesday's very handy sidekick, Thing. 

Wednesday is now available to stream on Netflix.

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