INTERVIEW: Holby's Jimmy Akingbola

When he learns Jake's mum is terminally ill, will Holby registrar Antoine Malick agree to look after his long-lost son? Actor Jimmy Akingbola reveals more about the heart-rending storyline in the BBC1 drama...

How did Malick feel about Jake turning up at Holby recently?

"Well, initially Malick was in complete denial. He thinks: 'How can that be?', 'Why now, when everything's going good for me?' Malick's on his way to becoming a consultant, he's in a new relationship. Then suddenly this boy turns up saying that Malick's his dad!"

So Malick must be doubly shocked when, this week, Jake's mum Anna turns up. Why is he so desperate to keep their past a secret from others at Holby?

"Malick's a very private man and the minute it looks like his personal life is going to invade his professional life, he wants to extract it like a surgeon. He just wants to keep it quiet."

Anna is admitted with severe stomach pains, but she's more concerned about Jake than her health and thinks Malick should start being a father to him...

"Malick senses Anna wants them to be a family and he's desperate to reject that idea. Anna is trying to pull him into a life that, deep down, he doesn't want."

Malick just wants to focus on being Anna's surgeon as he's forced to operate to remove her gallbladder, doesn't he?

"Yes. The more Anna talks about Jake, the more Malick feels pressured and tries to distance himself. He just wants to make Anna well and get her out of Holby. But things don't go to plan."

That's because Malick discovers Anna has terminal cancer and may have just weeks to live. Is Malick ready to be a father to Jake?

"It's not something Malick wanted and it's certainly not something he's ready for. But I think he might just give it a go."

Holby City continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC1

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