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Rosie Marcel on new Holby co-star Alex Walkinshaw: 'We give a nod to our past on The Bill!' (VIDEO)

Rosie Marcel has revealed that she and Holby City newcomer Alex Walkinshaw were allowed to give a nod to their past as co-stars on The Bill.

As Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher, Alex moved from Casualty to Holby last night, where he once again starred alongside Rosie, who plays the show's fiery surgeon Jac Naylor.

Back in 2005, Rosie appeared in a long-running storyline in ITV's classic cop show The Bill as gangster's wife Louise Larson, whom Alex's character Sergeant 'Smithy' started an illicit affair with. The Bill was axed in 2010 after 27 years.

Rosie revealed that Holby producers have allowed the pair to reference their past as a treat for TV fans that remember the storyline.

Rosie told "We were really lucky in that they've allowed us to give a little nod to the past.

"I don't really get to work with Alex because we're on completely different wards in the show. But we have one scene coming up together where he says: 'Have I met you before?' And I say something like: 'No, I think I'd remember'. It's really funny."

Rosie's delighted that her old friend has landed a role in Holby.

She admitted: "I've been trying to get Alex on the show for years, and when he went to Casualty, I was like: 'Oh, God damn it!'

"He's going to be a great addition to Holby. I think he's going to open up a different audience for us, which is brilliant."

Watch Rosie Marcel and Alex Walkinshaw in The Bill below...