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Hollyoaks' Kieron Richardson and James Sutton: 'We're so lucky with our storylines' (VIDEO)

(Image credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images)

Hollyoaks stars James Sutton (John Paul) and Kieron Richardson (Ste) have been at the centre of the action in Hollyoaks village this past year, with a long-awaited wedding, an HIV nightmare and the aftermath of John Paul's rape at the hands of his student, Finn.

"We've been very lucky," James told What's on TV at the British Soap Awards. "We've both had these big, important storylines we've really got our teeth into. We both feel really really proud of what we've done and achieved, how well it's been received and the impact it has had. That is kind of an award in itself." "]

Meanwhile, the Gloved Hand Murderer is still on the loose! But who will their next victim be? And does anyone in the Hollyoaks cast know who the killer is?

"I've got friends and family ringing me every day. Who is it? Who is it?" says Kieron. "But I don't think anybody knows at this point. But I don't think it's anybody who works at the hospital because it would be too obvious. I hope it's not me!"

Catch The British Soap Awards on Thursday, May 21, on ITV at 8pm.