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What do your fave Home and Away stars love about London? (VIDEO)

Home and Away

Watch the video to find out how Home and Away stars including Ada Nicodemou, Georgie Parker and Patrick O'Connor would spend a summer's day in London.

It always seems to be sunny all year round in Summer Bay, the fictional coastal town setting for long-running Aussie soap, Home and Away.

But right now it is actually winter in Australia, which is possibly why the stars of Home and Away are thinking about sunny, fun times elsewhere!

Check out this video to find out what castmembers including Ada Nicodemou (Leah), Georgie Parker (Roo), Sophie Dillman (Ziggy) and Patrick O'Connor (Dean) would like to get up to on a nice summer's day in 'ol London, England.

Courtney Miller (Bella)

"I would spend a summer’s day in London exploring everything Royal and the Buckingham Palace is definitely on my list."

Rohan Nichol (Ben)

"I have a very good friend there and I would hit her up to take me to Hyde Park and get in the fountains."

Sarah Roberts (Willow)

"I’d eat scones and jam and cream. Isn’t that what you eat in London?"

Georgie Parker (Roo)

"I love the parks. I love Green Park, I love Hyde Park, I love the Thames."

Patrick O’Connor (Dean)

"Chowing down some Shepherd’s pie with some multiple beer tastings probably in a British pub somewhere."

Home and Away

(Picture: Channel 5)

Ada Nicodemou (Leah)

"Hyde Park is amazing. And I love the fact that it doesn’t get dark until I think it’s ten o’clock at night. So you’ve got so much longer to explore the city. Enjoy your summer and have as much fun as we do in Summer Bay!"

Sophie Dillman (Ziggy)

"I would have a lot of Pimm’s, I would eat a lot of Battenberg cake and I would probably visit the scary London Dungeon."

FLASHBACK! Remember when Home and Away filmed on location in London back in 2014, with those River Boys on the loose!

Lukas Radovich (Ryder)

"I’d probably end up with a really good roast at a pub. Mmm, sounds good!"

Kestie Morassi (Maggie)

"Let’s say the Royal Botanic Gardens having a picnic maybe? A bit of cheese, a bit of wine, a bit of chatter, a bit of sunshine. I think that would be perfect."

Shane Withington (John)

"I think what I would do would be to head straight to Lord’s and watch Australia win the Ashes back! After that, I think I would eat some fabulous strawberries, those summer strawberries that you have over there which are wonderful and then I would hire a canal boat and go through all the wonderful canals, drinking pints of fine English ale."

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5