Does HDHomeRun stream or record in 4K?

Best answer: No, HDHomeRun does not have 4K streaming or recording available on its devices. You will, however, be able to watch HD shows on any of the devices in the comfort of your home.

4K, not today

It is unfortunate that HDHomeRun doesn't support 4K streaming or recording on any of its devices. It does support HD content, which is understandable considering it uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring content right to your device. This type of streaming is not available in 4K quite yet, so that's why it's not available on these devices.

Although you can't get that high-quality content, HDHomeRun still offers several channels that you will be able to enjoy thoroughly in HD quality, like NBC, CBS, and PBS, as well as different local channels depending on your area. To check out all that's offered in your area, use the the official website .

Why is 4K not available yet?

4K over-the-air broadcasting is not available yet because of all the coding the goes into producing 4K content. There is a lot that goes into creating this level of brilliance. They have to recode all of that content to get the crisp, beautiful image you see on Netflix shows and 4K YouTube videos.

To compare 4K content and the HD shows you receive through your HDHomeRun tuner, we have to talk about frames per second (FPS) to help compare. The highest quality you can get through over-the-air broadcasting is 30FPS at 1080i, which is a step below 1080p full HD. Most of the shows you see on Netflix are coming it a 60FPS, which is double the frame rate with higher quality images. This explains why many people find 4K so important, but it isn't necessary to still enjoy a good looking show.

What is HDHomeRun all about

HDHomeRun is a streaming tuner that uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring live television right to the comfort of your own home. This helps you cut or limit your payment to the cable company, allowing you to still have access to the TV while saving some money. You can also record shows to watch later with an HDHomeRun Servio for just $35 per month .

With an HDHomeRun tuner, you can take the live TV and send it to almost any device in your home. Whether it's your Android TV or iPhone 10, there are several different devices that can sync with your tuner so anyone can enjoy live TV in your home. Make sure to verify that your device works with the HDHomeRun tuners so you can decide if you want to purchase one or not.