All the Colors of the Dark (1972) | Blu-ray release – Sergino Martino’s trippy cult thriller

1972’s Tutti i colori del buio (aka All the Colours of the Dark) finds Fenech playing socialite Jane Harrison, a deeply troubled woman haunted by the death of her child and her mother’s murder. Convinced by a neighbour that black magic will cure her of her demons, Jane joins a sabbat, where a black-robed orgy ensues and the leader of the satanic cult seduces her. Soon, her nightmares begin to come to life and the real fun starts…

Surreal from beginning to end, and replete with classic giallo tropes as well as lashings of nudity, sex and 1970s stylings, plus a sensational Bruno Nicolai score, this trip-tastic supernatural suspenser ranks as one of the most beloved of the genre and Euro-buffs will certainly be adding Shameless’ new Blu-ray release to their collection.

The Shameless Numbered Edition includes… • Interview with director Sergio Martino • Limited numbered collector’s edition • Italian and English Audio • Optional English subtitles • Original aspect ratio: 2.35:1