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Ice Age: Collision Course | Is it time to give the prehistoric gang the cold shoulder?

Ice Age: Collision Course
(Image credit: Blue Sky Studios)

Ice Age: Collision Course

One small step. One giant mess.

The prehistoric animal gang face fresh perils in their fifth screen adventure, Ice Age: Collision Course. But as they strive to survive an impending asteroid strike they also come dangerously close to wearing out their welcome with us.

The long-running animated franchise used up its best gags in previous instalments. And too much time is wasted here on the sitcom-like domestic woes of Manny the mammoth (voiced by Ray Romano) as he frets over his daughter’s upcoming nuptials. Simon Pegg’s one-eyed, mad-boffin weasel Buck supplies much more fun, particularly in the manic scene that has him conducting a daring aerial rescue of an egg from a trio of dinosaur birds while singing a nutty version of The Barber of Seville’s Figaro Aria. (Sample lyric: ‘You may be Jurassic but I am fantastic’).

As ever, though, it is the hapless squirrel-like Scrat and his acorn, launched this time into space on board a flying saucer, who provide the biggest laughs.

Certificate U. Runtime 91 mins. Director

Ice Age: Collision Course debuts on Sky Cinema Premiere on Saturday 27 May. Available on Blu-ray & DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.